Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support

Live Chat is considered as one of the most popular option to interact with the clients and to offer fast answers to their queries, issues or any complaints, if they have. To deliver maximum clients satisfaction, Live Chat is the best option, better than phone or e-mails. Considering this, no. of Live Chat Softwares are available in the market, but the best ones who are dedicated to offer excellent customer support are only few.

So, here comes some of the best Live Chat Software for Customer Support.

  • LivePerson- The first software for live chat available on the web. It has a brand value and considered as very popular choice to meet the needs of live chat. But, it is quite expensive, it is offered at $99.99/month. It has a wide range of analytical tools, to convert clients into sales. Here one agent assigned to each and every customer, until their issue gets resolved.
  • Comm100 Live Chat- It is designed in a simple manner. It offers plugins to manage the content. It is customizable so that it can be fit as per the style and brand. It permits clients to assign the rating to chat operators.
  • BoldChat- It has various tiers of live chat software which depends on the size of business. Its price ranges from $99 to $999 and changes year to year. A free option is also offered here. Visitors are not tracked and do not permit to customize the chat window.
  • Kayako Fusion – A Supporting desk company offers a wide range of services designed around the clients. It is a live chat product integrates a helpdesk solution. It offers chat records & keeps the history of the conversation. There are no. of live chat programs, buttons, and windows of live chat which can be customized and fit in with clients unique style & branding. It offers a lot of information, data in detail & analytics. It is dedicated to businesses operating on global level & to larger companies. It offers an excellent customer service via Live Chat.
  • LiveHelpNow- It offers everything which a client wish in one full package. It provides a complete live chat solution to its customers. It integrates with Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and Salesforce to assist clients to build on their prior experience of platform. It permits live chat operators to access Twitter or Facebook profile of customers to know, whether client searched for the company earlier or not. There is a function named Whisper, it proves invaluable if new supporting representatives are trained. To resolve the issues of customers in a very less span of time, it permits operators, starters & administrators to whisper to each other. It also has a request option of mobile chat which alert clients via email or text message that their customer has some query. Now a chat window will be opened by a client on his mobile phone. Overall, it is considered as an ideal choice for small to mid-size businesses, which is user-friendly & never compromise on features.
  • WebsiteAlive – This is primarily meant for Small businesses. WebsiteAlive combines proactive chat, mobile and real-time email notifications with full options of customization without any coding. It is an excellent choice for owners of several sites. The price of software is $69.95, more expensive than other options.