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Web hosting services offered by some web hosting service providers all over the world are mainly of four type. They are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. We have heard about all of them. However, if we talk about VPS Cloud Hosting, then maybe it is something new, and every one of us is not aware of same.

So, here this article covers information about VPS Cloud hosting, Difference between VPS Hosting and Cloud hosting, what are the benefits of using VPS Cloud hosting and service providers who are offering VPS Cloud hosting services.

Cloud hosting

In Cloud hosting, a virtual machine which is not having fixed attributes of computing is offered by a service provider. However, there is some maximum or minimum server configuration size, as computing configuration of a virtual machine can increase or decrease as it depends on the resources needed by an application. Billing is done by usage of resources for RAM, CPU, HD & Network for a duration.

Virtual Private Server hosting

VPS considered as traditional managed servers. However, they are running as a virtual server, in a multi-tenant environment. A client order fixed attributes, and those attributes can be modified by him manually as and when required. This service is typically priced by vendors because they consider each and every component related to machine or merged them as a bundle and offers guaranteed resources.

Why VPS Cloud Hosting?

VPS Cloud Hosting serves some benefits over Traditional Web hosting services.

  • Cost Effective– Previously, shared hosting considered as the cheapest option for operating or hosting a website. However, now it is replaced by VPS cloud hosting. The reason behind this, in the latter case, service providers allow their clients to choose the features they need, reflecting they are required to pay only for what they required and not for irrelevant or extra features. With this, VPS Cloud service providers also permit their clients to make changes in their hosting plan, as and when required by them on their own. It leads to keep their hosting requirements up to date.
  • Scalable – VPS Cloud platform offered by companies is quite flexible, and if any changes are required, changes are done to them. It offers choice to clients in selecting the options and settings which might work great for them and their website.
  • Reliability– It is another most important aspect of VPS Cloud hosting. VPS Cloud platform designed in such a manner that clients data is stored in a safe and secure manner. Here data is not stored on just a single drive, and rather it is stored on no. of hard drives, results in the least chances of data loss. Even if any problem arises in any of the machines, files are safe, and they can be restored in an easy way.
  • Speed– Speed is an important aspect of web hosting. If websites are working or processing slowly, it affects the generation of traffic and thereby distraction of the visitors visiting a site. It also moves clients to rivals or competitors websites if they are running fastly. However, here VPS Cloud platform/ hosting leaves clients with no worry or stress as they offer high-speed sites. A reason behind this, they offer a no. of resources in this option so that site can run quickly on a constant basis without ever slowing down even once.

Overall, VPS Cloud hosting is considered as a cost-effective, reliable, scalable, high-speed hosting service. VPS Cloud platform generates a huge volume of traffic while running website continuously and quickly and stored data securely. It is considered as the best option for e-commerce or running an online business.

VPS Cloud Hosting Companies

A large no. of web hosting companies present in a market offering high quality, reliable, affordable, superior performance, value hosting services all over the world but only some of them are providing VPS Cloud Hosting services to their customers.


As stated above, no. of web hosting services such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting options are offered by hosting companies, but VPS Cloud Hosting is rated as a best and excellent option as it comes with several advantages and only a few disadvantages of traditional web hosting platforms.