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Private-Labeled Cloud for Resellers with Cloud Connex

We all are aware of the latest technology of Cloud Computing that first created a space for itself in a market and gradually conquered the entirety of it. Well, if you don’t know what cloud computing is, let me brief you out. Cloud Computing is a collection of computing service all at one place, i.e. a service that allows sharing of resources, information and even software among computers and other devices as utilities over a network. It can be public, private or a mixture of both. When we talk about public cloud, it is where services are rendered over a network open for public use. It may be free or paid.

The other one is the private cloud, which is operated solely for a single organization. It can be managed internally or by a third-party and hosted either internally or externally. The private cloud has evolved as a great technology and each passing day is evolving to a more modular form to get best and best out of it. In the ease of this, a new add-on service has added its name to private cloud technology i.e. Cloud Connex. A well-known cloud hosting provider Hostway Services Inc. has announced a hosted cloud reseller/partner platform that enables VARs, marketing agencies, system integrators and managed service providers to sell private-labeled cloud services with no internal infrastructure or development costs. Is it not really amazing??

But let us know first what actually a private label is. Private Label Cloud services are typically those provided by one company for offer under another company's brand. A simple reason behind discovering a platform like this is increasing the business of the hosting companies as well as VARs and MSPs. We know that companies want to take advantage of advanced communication capabilities but due to the lack of resources, they fail to manage the desired operation. The Cloud Connex platform will enable to offer the customers multiple delivery options as part of a managed service, including per user/per month, cloud-based UC services. This platform will enable its developers to add and remove subscribers quickly to help ensure responsiveness and keep things simple for management and operations teams. Connex Cloud a fully-integrated, solution for virtualized applications, compute, storage and networking. The Connex Cloud also utilizes technologies from EMC and VMware.

The platform features a brandable storefront template and customer portal for easy end-user onboarding and self-serve provision, integrated billing and payment processing and full control over customer pricing and customer relationship. This might be the best technological evolvement to manage the entire business over the internet. This is a platform that would enable those resellers, VARs, MSPs and other partners who want to sell private-label services without putting money into infrastructure or development. The partners of this initiative would be able to take advantage of a branded storefront template and a customer portal by signing in up new end users. They would also be able to control pricing, billing, and a process of payment. The main advantage of this initiative would be that the partners would be able to drive persistent revenues by marketing a web-based corporate email & collaboration solution based on Open Xchange and public-cloud IaaS services. Domain name registration service is said to be available soon, according to the Hostway Company. Hostway has provided these services to hundreds of thousands of customers for years, allowing partners to take advantage of its infrastructure and experience.

Now, the important point is how it would benefit the VARs, MSPs and other resellers. The answer is:

Cloud Connex would also provide benefits like:

Cloud Connex would provide an infrastructure along with customizable branding, pricing, bundling and billing that make the entire cloud offering appear to be the reseller's own.

With cloud Connex, MSPs would be able to provide their own services without building their own infrastructure and would be able to manage the cloud environments with a single console. They will be able to maintain an experienced, customizable, profitable and a scalable business.

The cloud Connex has several imminent products:

Flex Cloud Servers:

Resellers could combine Hostway FlexCloud Servers, with your own services, or resell as a stand-alone solution, adding zero infrastructure costs and administrative overhead. They could give their customers on-demand, pay-as-you-go computes capacity to meet their fluctuating infrastructure demands. The advantage of FlexCloud’s enterprise-class are:

SiteMail Xchange

The resellers would be able to supply their users with SiteMail Xchange, the professional, multi-device communications tool. SMX provides accessibility, usability, affordability, and peace of mind. It is a centralized, feature-rich email and collaboration solution target to fulfill resellers’ needs.

It is now clear that this innovative technology would definitely take the reseller community to a different phase. Just YOU NEED TO WRAP YOU SERVICES AND PROVIDE VALUE TO CUSTOMERS AND EVEN THE PARTNERS ALIKE.

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