As website traffic grows the shared servers can be slowed down and effects load time of the website page and also sales of the company. Many things effect load time such as page size, flash intros or a lot of slow loading graphics. These all are evaluated by webmaster due to the cause of server sharing with others. Further visitor retention and slow loading pages are inversely proportional to each other. It means if a page load takes 8-10 seconds then it will result in a loss of over 1/3 of sites visitors.

Http2 standard to load pages faster :

The latest version of HTTP standard promises to deliver web pages to make browsers faster that has been approved. HTTP has the best standard and it governs a communication between a browser and a web server during page loading. HTTP 2.0 protocols are designed to make web page loading faster and allow consumers to read more pages, perform fast internet searches. HTTP 2.0 brings a feature of encryption also. Encryption has been pushed by Google on the web to protect privacy and cut down hacking vulnerabilities, and SPDY has encryption technology called TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is formerly called SSL for Secure Sockets. Encryption in HTTP 2.0 makes easier to adopt a new version of HTTP.

Latest SEO techniques:

There are some SEO strategies which should be considered:

Mobile friendly:

Google’s algorithm has given a positive ranking rate which can make website mobile-friendly. In today’s internet websites many visitors are using mobile devices and many are using iPad and other Tablet devices. Therefore, in this way, more visitors are seeing the mobile version of a website and it is beneficial for the company. Anyone can check its website’s mobile optimization quality on Mobile-Friendly Test which is developed by Google.


The websites of unwanted software will be blocked. Unwanted software decreases the security of OS. On adding an SSL 2048-bit key certificate on site will boost up the Google index ranking of a website.

Unique content:

As the numbers of websites are increasing every year, Page Rank is used for websites rank. A new website can get better ranking for its unique content for readers. Therefore, content should be unique. It should not duplicate other websites content otherwise it will not be considered in good ranking.

Right place right time:

Website owners should choose some latest topics on the internet so that site will get more visitors. So, the number of visitors depends on the topic also.

Image optimization a tool for mobiles:

Page loading is important for every website. If the page load is very high on mobile phones then visitors will go somewhere else. Image optimization decreases load times by lowering page weight without affecting any user’s experience. According to analysis of some random 100 websites, the total image weight was 81 MB of all responsive websites. Image optimization technology and Trilibis device detection reduced the page weight of device for every class. It can be up to 43 MB for desktop browsers, 18 MB for tablets and 17 MB for smartphones.