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e-Commerce Hosting Platform Providers

E-commerce Hosting platform is a website hosting service which is used to meet the needs of an electronic commerce site. An individual can use a new or existing domain name for his e-commerce site. It helps an individual to configure their existing domain, or he can buy a new one.

There are many eCommerce hosting platform providers & is quite difficult to choose one. It is quite difficult but is possible to select one which furnishes all facilities according to the need of an individual. He needs to search an e-commerce web hosting service which is best for him according to his requirement which is different for all.

Select best e-Commerce Hosting Platform

In the full e-Commerce hosting platform providers, it is difficult to make out which one is best. There are various categories of an eCommerce platform, two main types:
Hosted, and self-hosted. Hosted means that the company will host an individual's store and a self-hosted means a web hosting company will provide an individual a software to run his e-commerce website, but he needs to install & manage his web hosting on his own.

For stability purposes, it is recommended to go with hosted versions because an individual will have dedicated support from the internet hosting company. The only thing an individual needs to do by buying an eCommerce web hosting rights is that he has to pay a monthly fee for its services.

When a person gets benefits, then he has to pay for that. There are also best eCommerce platforms to set up and manage a person's website to start online store running within a few hours & without costing him much for this service. He needs to search for them legitimately.

The main advantage of having dedicated SSL is to gain the trust of your potential buyers. Some customers may feel uncomfortable to put their credit card details on a website which does not have dedicated SSL certificate. If you want your customers to put their credit card details on your shopping cart then dedicated SSL is much better.

Are you Looking for cheap web eCommerce hosting services? How much do you pay for the e-commerce web hosting? These are general questions arise in every customer’s mind before choosing any hosting. In every business including large or small organization and individual, sole proprietorship, require a website at affordable price.
The UK web hosting industry has strongly established and very active in the global marketplace. If you are looking to sell services and products online, below you can find top 10 eCommerce web hosting providers. This list has estimated many biggest and favorite players on the UK web hosting. Scoring has been done according to reliability, features offered, price value, customer services and more.

List of Best e-Commerce Hosting Platform Providers in the UK

Most well-liked hosted solution in the UK. It is home to nearly 1500 British Estores. Due to hike in traffic, your online store will not crash.
This hosting company comes with features such as search engine, automated generated XML sitemaps, SEO formatted pages.
Bigcommerce creates an easy going environment for customers.
You can choose from a variety of templates to create beautiful sites. Moreover, get access to the backend for developing your custom template.

  • Shopify is mobile friendly and the most modern eCommerce platform.
    The company has proven to be efficient, reliable and cheap hosting solution for customers looking to create a low-cost shop. Shopify has introduced a range of modern tools like purchase journey analytics and gift cards. Security in the online shopping of Shopify certified as PCI compliant.
    In the UK, Shopify is a second favorite choice of e-commerce provider. For business owners who want to set up and hassle-free services, Shopify is the best option. Customers can choose from free and paid themes, and free options are reasonably decent looking. Shopify allows a business owner to manage their inventory and develop collections of products.
  • Shopware: A German-based open-source highly flexible and scalable E-commerce platform designed for enterprise-grade customers. It has more than 60+ K users which include big European brands, retailers, and branded manufacturers.
  • UK Web Solutions Direct has given reliable and quick services along with 1click installs via WHM and cPanel. Managed VPS and Managed Server options are also available for those who need more support for eCommerce hosting. From the last 13 years in web hosting industries, this company delivers full knowledge and experience with best web hosting. There plan packages give premium services as standard, including data backups and spam protection to secure mailbox from junk mailers.
  • Clook is another website host in the UK. Their server supports a broad range of e-store solutions including Zen Cart, Xcart system, Magento, and OpenCart systems for online shopping with payment processing.
  • Godaddy is the well established and most popular eCommerce hosting provider. It has a rock-solid global presence and huge client base. The company has provided a range of innovative online marketing tools and domain names.
  • Siteground offers solution optimized for e-commerce applications. They install OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and other popular eCommerce at zero cost, free CDN and advanced caching options to make customer’s experience enjoyable and fast. The customer can choose between 18 e-commerce applications in Softaculus Autoinstaller in cPanel which can easily install.
  • HostPapaPlan packages offered by Hostpapa, which is unique and allow an unlimited number of products, unmetered storage space, email accounts and bandwidth. Prices rely on some monthly sales volume.

What should it Offer?

It should offer many apps as well as an excellent selection of professional themes. Do that an individual can select one according to his choice. It should render security, trust, and every service at an affordable price. It should furnish its facilities for both small and medium-size business.

Since if an individual starts a small size business, then he will upgrade himself to medium size business &, later on, large sized one. It should furnish decent uptime for continuous running an e-commerce website, so that motto of running an online store gets fulfilled.

Since the benefit of an online store is that a customer can reach to its store at any time. The money back guarantee must be there cause if due to any reason it hae-Commerce Hosting Platform Providerss few or any of the problems & not liked by its customer then money refunded back to him. With all the above qualities, one thing more an individual should look in an eCommerce web hosting site which is of utmost importance is its after-sales support. If it seems to be an excellent e-commerce web hosting company, but it’s after sales support is zero or else is minimum, then there is no use of buying its services.


There is nothing like a best eCommerce web hosting service site cause an individual needs to find out reasons to give his choice a tag of best web hosting company. Only an individual can decide what the best company for him is. If one company is best for a person may be not the best one for other. Therefore, it depends on a person how much he can take out from a company.