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Hosting-Nation: Company Overview

Hosting-nation has been providing excellent hosting solutions including web security, SEO, web design, marketing, web development. This company has developed to offer web-based software and applications as a service as a replacement for traditional downloadable media. Their services give benefits to business development, project management, 3D graphic development and domain technology. Their hosting plans comprised of excellent features. Shared hosting package includes many advanced tools along with unlimited bandwidth and space. Hosting nations’ server technology is fast and leases quad core Xeon servers from Softlayer data center. All hosting account has cPanel version 11, and customers can access over 80 applications, libraries, and framework.

Hosting-Nation is one of the best web hosting providers. It provides services like web hosting, web design, web security, programming and web development and search engine optimization. The organization is very active in giving web based solutions. Many web based solutions and software service are developed in this company. Web based solutions ranges from mobile applications to 3D graphic development. Management of this company is highly skilled and gives desired contribution to the company for its enhancement. Some are expertise in coded applications includes C, BASIC, Pascal with some web languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Reliability and Performance:

The development team of this company is very skilled in developing new techniques. Employees are proficient in database applications such as MySQL and PostGreSQL. The output is eCommerce solution which is multimedia website in reality for relating audio and video content. It includes modular applications such as Google maps utilizing third party API’s. Company delivers free backups and R1Soft Continuous Data Protection service to the customers. Customer gets reliability on its products and services. Company gives 80 applications free integrated with the web hosting account. Many applications are incorporated with Fantastico and installatron.

Hosting Plans:

Shared hosting comes with many tools and applications along with disk space and bandwidth. The features included are email accounts, MySQL Databases, additional FTP accounts, subdomains and many frameworks.

Reseller hosting comes with enough disk space, bandwidth, IP addresses, unlimited accounts, web database manager, web file manager, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited auto-responders and SSL Certificate management.

Dedicated hosting comes with IP addresses, memory, bandwidth, storage, SSL Certificate Management, proactive services monitoring, managed DNS Services, FTP Configuration and User management, Managed Security Audits and additional bandwidth.

Features and Control Panel:


Customer can get technical support via phone, email, knowledgebase, tutorials and submit ticket. A contact form is also available in which user has to fill desired information related to his query. Technical experts are available 24/7/365 days to provide support to the customers. They provide relevant solution as per the requirement. So, clients can easily handle the queries through support.



Cancellation Policy:

Hosting service provides facility to customers for account cancellation if they are not satisfied with the hosting plans. A customer has to send the cancellation request in written via email within 30 days of notice period. If he will apply within notice period then company will refund the money otherwise money will not be refunded. After sending request the company will delete all the information of his account. In some fields like SSL Certificates, static IP addresses and domains, refunds are not applicable.


Company provides many other services also so that customer can gain easy advantage of others. If they want to acquire some development related services then also it is easily available. Services provided are in budget that is decided according to the customer. Different web hosting packages are available so that all features can be covered.

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