Dynamic websites are made in order to achieve great success with its best features providing a good medium to run better functionality. Best web hosting service package includes a database feature which will be integrated into a website. It provides RDBMS. If a user will choose Windows web hosting then it includes MSSQL database while choosing Linux web hosting MySQL database is provided. To make the data retrieval easy and fast the data in the database should be in the tabular format. Some advantages of database driven websites are:


To store the databases it is essential to protect it from unrestricted users. For example, the details of login are stored in a text file and can be accessed from an authenticated script. With databases, entries can be encrypted through a hash algorithm and thus provide a secure environment. Therefore, to access database one should specify the login details which is not provided easily by a simple text file.


As per the storage of data in a tabular form the retrieval has become more efficient. SQL stores the data to make the smooth functions of the website. With database system, developers can update, modify and alter the columns and rows to meet the desired requirements. RDBMS has some inbuilt mechanisms which make it more desirable database system to store the data.

Administrative control

A database system has some control mechanisms allowing casual administration of database and tables connected with it. To access the database each user is provided with some rights and allows restrictions to protect the data from being altered and modified. The database administrator has full control over database system so that he or she can squeeze the database settings such as connection speed, restricting the flow of data, maximum number of server connections and to perform a specific query allocated hardware resources can be adjusted.

Some benefits of a database system to an organization:

  1. The website can be more dynamic.
  2. It makes loyalty.
  3. More visitors are encouraged to return on site and it makes the growth of audience.
  4. It provides information regarding views about products/services of online users.

User's business will be automated by a database driven website to earn a big profit. It will be available with all hosting packages. To make secure website user has the database administrative control to allow the restrictions.