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Selecting an Ideal Web Host

Choosing a web host can be difficult for both the advanced internet user and beginner- so don't rush your decision. First off we are asking why you want a web host. These reasons will all play a role and will be taken into account when choosing your next web host. Before choosing a hosting provider for your website, you need to do some basic research to help you make a wise choice. Learning a provider's cost, reliability, support, and history will go a long way towards helping you make this important decision.

A host's technical forums often provide a wealth of information about the company's cost, support, and reliability, as well as their reputation for customer support.

Reliability: Do a quick web search on the names of web hosting companies that you are considering. Chances are if they are big, or if they've been around awhile, someone has posted a rant about a problem they had. This should not disqualify a particular provider; sometimes customers have unrealistic expectations about how much a particular provider can do.

Support: If you can't get through to a provider online or over a phone when you are trying to select one provider over another, think how frustrated you will be when it's a weekend night and your site has crashed, and you can't get through to customer support. This is a crucial part of the relationship between you and your web host. Again, discussions on a company's online forums can help you determine whether a particular company goes out of its way to help its customers.

Cost: Everyone wants a good deal on web hosting service. Nobody likes to think that they paid too much and got too little in return. But basing your entire decision on a provider's price can cost you in the long term. This is not to say that inexpensive providers are incapable of giving you the support you need. There are even free hosting sites that can work just fine for hosting a personal web page or blog.

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