Live Chat software delivers many other features apart from just chat. The features involve such as co-browse with online shoppers, learn to find the website and push links to visitors. The website visitors should be interacted and provide required help. The multiple chat sessions can be handled by new agent at the same time. Every session executes in an autonomous room tab in the Agent Console. In room tab, the incoming chat request can be accepted or ignored by clicking on “Accept” or “Ignore” button. The live chat supports thousands of visitors without any breakdown in response time. The live chat solution is powered by reliable chat engine. A chat engine named Cute Chat, which is an ASP.NET chat software.

Main factors of Live Chat Software

1. User-friendly. 2. Monitoring. 3. Proactive Chat. 4. High load support. 5. Plugins. 6. Security. 7. Spell Checker. 8. Receive an alert.

Live Chat Software Services

The chatting with customers has been tagged with the pre-type responses. For every response, a user can add tag linked with common related words. The team members provide quick response to messages quickly. The live chat can be added easily to user’s website that allows customers to chat with other users. This is done without switching between a pop window and user’s website. This keeps visitors to be engaged. For any website, Chatstack is scalable with unlimited departments and operators. Some important points are:

Velaro: It is live chat software which is created to provide support the organization. Therefore, the vendors in education, technology, healthcare and eCommerce deliver customer service on mobile and desktop. More than a decade, the chat software delivers security, performance management and security made to increase the help.

BoldChat: It comes with the three types which are Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Each feature having its own features and functions. The main differences between above two are to set its own custom messages, chat load distribution and integration with Salesforce between agents. The Active Assist allows user to use client’s computer and screen sharing.

SmartSupp: It is a live chat program that allows website owner to track and record visitor clicks and mouse movements from agent dashboard directly. The conditional message system allows owner to send messages which is based on specific conditions, urge to engage with user without time costing.

WebsiteAlive: It delivers different services of live chat. One unique offer is the capability to select live chat representative on pay for performance scale. This application can be customized easily and ready for set up.

Selective Live Chat Software features

LiveHelpNow: It is a full-service customer management. It integrates ticket-based support, live chat, knowledge base, and call management. Some extra functionalities are provided by this software.

Kayako Engage: It is best for its helpdesk software which will be used by many companies all over the world. It will link customers with helpdesk that fulfill the requirements of customer. The chats can be easily established, routed and assigned within a click of a button. This made possible by Chat Gateway service which is a cloud-based option.

Comm100: From many years this chat program offers high priced plan with price tag with all size of businesses. The built-in features such as automatic greetings, extensive customization and real-time visitor monitoring.