Live support software an appropriate way to interact

Live Chat support is a comparatively new way to interact with your website visitors. Usually, the visitor initiates a chat demand by clicking an icon on the website. Live chat can be used for potential customers in order to help them with their buying decisions or for existing customers who need support with a product they have already bought. Many large websites have in progress to offer live chat support within the last two years. But live support system are not only appropriate for the big sized business but small and medium sized business alike have started to understand the additional benefits live support can bring to their websites.

How to install LIVE Chat on website

Installing live chat on your website hasn’t always been this easy. Even a few years ago offering live chat means that you have to install the software on your own server and pay out vast amount of money to maintain the system, live support was not easy to attain by most small or medium sized business. Time has changed now, all you have to do is to just copy a couple of lines of code that the vendor provides and put it on your website. It’s really that uncomplicated, and you don’t need to be very technical to enable live chats on your website.

Added features that live support tools offer

  1. There are free of charge chat agents, you can set your software to start chats proactively on their behalf, in this way you will be able to attain a lot of customers.
  2. When there is no chat agent, online you can generally choose whether the chat client will simply go or turn into a contact form.
  3. Most tools will automatically save a copy of chat, this great in case you want to assess the quality of your support agents.
  4. When working in group, especially in one with dissimilar departments, it is important to be able to transfer chats to one another. This generally works better with a dealer that provides their own chat comfort rather than an instant messenger.
  5. Advantages of live support software in comparison to phone and email support

Live support software comparison to phone is much easier. Chat is usually faster than phone support where you have to go through burdensome menus. Not to mention email support where nobody even expects an immediate answer. There are many other comparisons below which make live chat more beneficial than phone or email support

  • Chat agents are generally able to serve three or even more people simultaneously.
  • Absolutely no extra costs for website visitor even they are from another country.
  • Live support can easily send supportive links to the customer through the chat interface and type complex names into the chat box
  • Quality of live chat support can be reviewed.
Chatwoo – a single platform to support a seamless online experience

Chatwoo is a forward thinking online communications provider devoted to creating innovative, customizable and unique experiences for business and consumers. Chatwoo is enabling to provide more detailed information which users need in a very concise and customized manner.

Services by Chatwoo to give its customers full satisfaction

Chatwoo services can help its clients with full and fast execution, or to optimize opportunities on an ongoing basis. Following are the services given

  • Development & customization Chatwoo can provide consultative or hands-on service to help its clients deploy a fully customized solution.
  • Training – bring team up to speed fast with training sessions tailored to your specific industry, complete with tips, tricks, and shortcuts for all level of users.Chatwoo can also train the trainer to help its clients to institutionalize these techniques.
  • Optimization and right-sizing- you can get a lot of valuable data using Chatwoo. the team will recognize your website’s most valuable levels and help you put them in order to ensure that you are adequately staffed, achieving high conversion rates, up sellings and maximizing staff utilization