Company Introduction

OnRamp offer computing infrastructure for businesses which require high levels of security. Since 1994, the company is providing all services needed to build, manage and deploy internet operations. As one of Austin's original Internet Operations companies, start connecting businesses to the web by offering internet dial-up, T1 and ISDN services. OnRamp specializes in working with companies to ensure compliance in financial services, healthcare and other industries with high-security needs.

OnRamp's data center housed for managed and colocation server customers. In the year 1995, Company has created full-service web department designed and developed more than 700 web sites and application. Today, the company still have a data center in Austin and central Texas to offer a single source for all the services, and complementary resources require to integrate to internet operations depend on their unique technical expertise, broad of services and 24/7 support.

OnRamp Featuring Kinesis Survey Technologies

OnRamp hybrid hosting provider with data center facilities in Texas and North Carolina has a publication of new customer case study featuring Kinesis Survey Technologies LLC. Reason to move their collocated environment to company's Austin data center and how they focus on data security, privacy and compliance solidified a relationship. Austin-based SaaS provider offers device responsive survey and panel management product suite for desktop-based market research, mobile and maintained collocation environment in Dallas, Texas. Kinesis starts to evaluate Austin data center market in search of new collocation provider.

The company also offer full suite data center services with private clouds, hybrid hosting solution and cloud delivering services made it perfectly fit to address Kinesis IT hosting needs. They offer physical and logical security measures with various regulatory needs regarding the protection of sensitive data, financial services sector and healthcare which has contributed to Kinesis long term success.

OnRamp Hybrid Hosting

Their hybrid hosting solution blend private clouds, cloud services and colocation offer scalability and flexibility in solution on-demand. The hybrid hosting solution allows businesses to flexibly address computing needs with right technology while maintaining interoperability with their existing environment. Hybrid hosting includes features like:-

  • Security: Deliver highest levels of availability, security, and integrity of complex data by integrating dedicated private clouds and high security delivered services, run on dedicated hardware into infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Easy and quick data center strategy by taking advantage of on demand flexibility and availability of private cloud and delivered services which seamlessly integrated into collocation environment.
  • Scalability: Extend collocation infrastructure with Cloud delivered and private clouds services to achieve typical business operations have particular needs.

OnRamp Compliant Hosting

Their system, process, and people are filled most comprehensive and advanced technology in the industry to ensure compliance for companies with sensitive data and security needs. Their main focus on security and compliance and company specialize in working with clients to meet the requirements mandated by SOX, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, Safe Harbor and more.

  • Collaborative: It incorporates the context of client's specific business needs.
  • Secure: Highest levels of security in accordance with specific compliance need to achieve.
  • Comprehensive: Take IT compliance challenges with company's proprietary processes and high-security platforms.

OnRamp Data Centers

Company's data center operates multiple enterprise-class SSAE 16 SOC II data centers where they deploy hosting solutions for companies with sensitive data and security needs. Data centers are designed and created with most advanced engineering, technology systems, and security to deliver highest levels of uptime and reliability.

OnRamp Customer Support

Their services are backed by a Full7Layer support team of highly skilled engineers to solve customers' queries 24/7. A customer can view OnRamp as an extension of their IT department and choose to supplement their technical expertise, boost their service or seek on demand support in emergencies with the help of full7layer support team.