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Merits of Online File Hosting And Storage

Also known as Internet storage and hosted storage, online document storage is a method which allows one to store one's data, images, files, and videos on the Internet rather than storing the same hard drives and other physical storage devices. Online document storage offers enhanced protection for critical business data and personal records. Since the data is stored online using a password-protected account, there are no risks that are usually associated with physical storage devices and off-site document storage such as theft, burglary, and loss of data due to floods, fires, famines, earthquakes, and other natural calamities.
There are two types of storage solutions available today: onsite and online, a.k.a. offsite. Onsite data storage usually refers to the storage of your information on local servers, hard drives, external hard drives, including thumb drives, USB/FireWire drives, CDs, and DVDs. In contrast, online data storage is a term that is used to refer to any and all file hosting services on the Internet. These services typically store massive amounts of data on huge servers that are housed in one or more data centers. Both onsite and online storage solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.
When it comes to security, online storage solutions tend to be more favorable than onsite solutions. Many people worry that their data may be intercepted during a file upload or download. Fortunately, data is encrypted for security purposes during both downloads and uploads, which makes it very difficult for outsiders to steal any information. Other great security advantages of storing data online are that it is not susceptible to being lost due to any disasters that occur in your home or place of work, and your data cannot easily be stolen. Unfortunately, storing data onsite on CDs, DVDs, or external hard drives makes it very easy for anyone to simply walk off with all of your important data.
Since online document storage makes document retrieval quite fast and easy, businesses are able to enjoy better workflow and greater customer satisfaction. Employees do not end up wasting their time in locating business documents and by having everything available at the click of their mouse, they are able to offer better and timely services to their clients.

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