The basic insight of Shopping carts

As today, a concept of e-commerce is becoming very popular and from big to small size companies are entering in an online world. But working on this platform is not easy for SMBs, especially for freshers. So, here E-Commerce shopping cart plays a vital role.

It offers a hosted platform which is fully featured and offers everything from starting to ending; from registration of domain name to the creation of the site and all this from one service provider. It's controlling and other technical things are handled by service providers.

Shopping cart software offers an interface for customers, acts as a catalog of products, look after ordering process, acts as an interface for company’s site and is payment gateway.

For online retail stores, a shopping cart is a heartbeat. While shopping for the carts, consider the one which is flexible and can be customized as per your needs.

Here present you 6 E-Commerce Shopping carts for SMBs.

1. 3D Cart:

Existing designs are imported and business is migrated from X-Cart, Miva etc. through 3D Cart. It offers design templates which can be customized and tools for business management for processing an order, shipping, sales etc.
Websites having low traffic up to 100 products, for the price for 3D Cart starts at $19.99 per month and sites having medium traffic up to 1,000 products, starts from $49.99 per month. And in both accounts, free technical support is provided.

2. AgoraCart:

If you are having your own code base, then Agora Cart may support you. It offers features such as multiple tax rates, unlimited products, store designs which can be customized, PCI compliance and others. Agora carts gold version offers some extra features and support and costs $49.95.

3. Avactis:

For your site, no programming skills are required by Avactis shopping cart. Visual layout editor and visual CSS Editor can be used by you. This shopping cart can create a fresh site as well as integrate with existing sites.

It offers useful features meant for e-commerce and management tools including reviews of customers, price-based discounting and others.

Avactis shopping cart is PHP-based. Price for this software ranges from $249 to $449.

4. Cube Cart:

Cube Cart offers a no. of options for management of customers and reporting. It offers you dashboard on which you can access the stock and sales data or reports, allows you to set the options for products, manage customer accounts and others.

This cart can be used for up to 250 orders and 100 customers and is available at free of cost. It is having one paid version, Cube Cart Pro, which allows you to access the code and offers unlimited features for $180.

5. Product Cart:

Product Cart offers several numbers of features for functionality, design and back-end management. It may assist you in developing a new online store. It may offer tools for management of orders, placed in advance, for the administration of stores and marketing features. It also integrates with various applications including QuickBooks for assisting businesses in maintaining their online presence. Some additional services are also offered by this cart for hosting, technical support, installation etc.

Cost of license for the standard version of Product Cart is $695. Other services for installation, technical support, hosting and mobile commerce are also available.

6. Zen Cart:

Zen Cart is an open source shopping cart offers additions which is formed by contributions from the community to the software and which is applicable to your shop. It is designed by designers, programmers, shop owners and consultants. It offers some templates and by selecting the one, design for the cart can be prepared and by others product categories, options for payments and shipping and sales discounts can be configured. This is a flexible cart.
For Zen Cart, Apache or Linux servers are good but they can run on IIS or Windows servers also.