There are five avionics software companies or suppliers in Russia-a region that is proactively growing its aerospace marketshare, who select the tools of LDRA company to comply with rules and regulations. The names of the five companies are not disclosed yet. All the companies have signed the contract with the company.
LDRA, a company provide various services such as automated software verification, source code analysis, standards compliance and test tools to their large no. of clients. As per the new contract sign between LDRA and five companies, the users will going to utilize the resources of LDRA so that avionics solutions can be verify and comply with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations related to fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
In Russia, the tools of LDRA are appropriate for the verification of the systems for onboard computers, integrated air data, lighting, display, integrated flight and navigation. These tools are also designed for various instruments and sensors for aircraft such as Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100), Tupolev Tu-204 (TU-204), and the upcoming Irkut MC21 (also known as the MS21). According to the company spokesperson, these tools also streamline and automate the process of certification by which it helps the avionics suppliers may comply with regulations such as DO-178C/ED-12C and DO-254/ED-80 cost effectively.
The users gain confidence in the tools of LDRA that their usage significantly improve the business process, as the company’s track record shows that it helps to qualify hundreds of DO-178 projects, all over the world. Their tools are designed in such a way that it has automated the process of verification at every stage for the purpose of coverage of code, verification of code, testing of units, secure coding rules and standards adherence. This leads to decrease or reduce the no. of man hours in their efforts of certification by 5 to 10 times.
To choose the LDRA tools to streamline their avionics certification compliance, these five avionics suppliers in Russia join avionics vendors from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and China. Due to the superior tools and also as a tribute to the extensive support and team of fully credentialed EASA and FAA certification experts who are available to assist with certification services, widespread adoption of LDRA exists.
From last 40 years, LDRA served the avionics community and offers a range of software testing and verification capabilities that enforce and streamline avionics certification compliance.