.Wales and .Cymru

1) Nominet has finally secured the extensions – .Wales and .Cymru for the Wales

An announcement is finally made, after having discussions, held from last no. of years, Nominet has finally secured the extensions – .Wales and .cymru for the Wales.

.Wales and .Cymruare the two gTLD’s and Nominet Registry has taken the responsibility for maintaining the database and the information of their registrant.

2) Policy framework for these two TLD’s

Welsh Govt. has played a significant role in developing the policy framework for the two TLD’s and also offered assurance for both the TLD’s. Nominet worked very hard with Welsh Govt. for developing the same leads to the promotion of the identity of Welsh by them across the globe.

3) Benefits of having .Wales and .Cymru domain name

Identity may express by you with great honour- Welsh identity can be expressed by you with great honour and pride all over the world without considering what kind of business organization or an individual. Using your domain name, you can convey a message in a very simple language expressing the feelings of proudness on being part of Wales.

Build a great online presence- Names of the websites of these two TLD’sare quite simple and easy to understand thus people who are accessing them not required to remember their names. For instance, suppose you want to access the site nice-wales.com, so you can use the word nice.wales. Wales may get a good popularity all over the web.

Laid focus on Welsh audience- If you focus on Welsh audience or if the connection of the Welsh is important from the point of view of your business then you must keep the name, which you like, safe and secure at your earliest convenience.

Plays role in the growth and development of Wales- Govt. of Wales organized the online projects and profit which emerges from the .Cymru and .Wales TLD registration is utilized for these projects. In other words, we can say, get yourself registered and make some contribution to the progress of Wales.

4) Phases for the launch of .Cymru and .Wales

For the launching of .Cymru and .Wales, following phases are followed:

Period of Sunrise begins from 1st Sep, 2014 and ends on 31st Oct, 2014- Trademark business holders and who have already registered under the Trademark Clearinghouse are eligible to apply in this period. And for this non refundable reasonable fees can be charged. If you applied successfully, an additional fee is charged for the registration of the domain name. It is a suggestion offer a valid SMD file for the domain. And make sure that the domain name matches with the name given on SMD file.

On receiving one application by Nominet, registration of the domain name is done immediately. But if multiple applications are received then Validation agent validates all the requests one by one. Evidence of usage of Trademark must be provided by every applicant in Wales. For this, they can provide either of the following:

  1. Scanned copies
  2. A material used for marketing or dated advertisement.
  3. Invoices, bills, payment receipts, URL’s of websites
  4. Trademark Lawyer or UK Solicitor signed a declaration

If the above criteria met by the applicant and if only one application has been received, domain name registered for them and if multiple applications received, they are awarded via auction.

Period of Welsh Business priority from 3rd Nov 2014 to 24th Dec 2014- Unregistered or registered trademark holders who have not applied in the first phase still has the chance to apply for the domain name registration. For this, they are required to provide an evidence of their business in Wales. Domain name and they can also be rewarded via auction if multiple applications are received.

Period of Landrush from 29th Dec 2014 to 25th Feb 2015- During this period, any business organization or an individual can be registered. And those have not registered in the first two phases; has the chance to get themselves registered for the premium names. And same as above, Domain name can also be rewarded via auction if more than one application is received.

Period of general availability; 1st Mar 2015- Domain name can be registered by anyone across the world on first come first served basis.

5) Where to contact for the registration of .Cymru or .Wales domain names

In the last, if a user is having some queries or wishes to get registered for .Cymru and .Wales, then contact their Billing Department via customer care available through live chat or phone 08008620380.