It is common knowledge now that security is of utmost importance now for anyone running online businesses. And keeping one\'s windows dedicated servers is a tough and unending battle. Since security and user-friendliness which keeps customers satisfied are at loggerheads, it would be a great help to you, if you can keep the following tips in mind and lock your cPanel dedicated servers.

Using secure passwords

Insecure account passwords are the most common means of compromising your business. Client sites can be hacked, defaced infected or can even be used to spread viruses, all by cracking insecure passwords. Using non-dictionary words, all 8 characters and using alphanumeric should be enough to constitute secure passwords.

One can edit/etc/login.defs to configure numerous password options on your system.

By Securing SSH

Another way of ensuring safety for windows dedicated servers is by disabling password authentication and enabling public key authentication for SSH instead. Since port 22 is commonly searched for accessing servers if you remove your SSH access to a different port it will keep most people out except for those who specifically know your server location.

Also, make sure to always use SSHv2 for it is common knowledge now that SSHv1 is insecure. Setting Shell Resource Limits could also limit users from using certain applications.

By Securing Apache

Securing your Apache installation should be of paramount importance in keeping windows dedicated servers safe, as the most popular method of accessing a server is through the web server application. Mod security is a great tool if you want to prevent the use of malicious Apache.