VPS Hosting Over Shared

There are times when you go grocery shopping to the supermarket and get confused between similar products of two different brands.
The first thing you would do is compare the price, the quantity and the ingredients of the two brands. And ultimately you end up choosing a product that is offering you a number and better results at a lower price.
Similar is the situation of web hosting. Users want the features of a dedicated hosting service at a cost much lower than that, If this is the case with you too then VPS hosting is the right service for you.

VPS Hosting: An Overview

A virtual private server is a server that exists virtually. A web hosting provider divides one server into multiple virtually existing servers for every customer. It is VPS hosting. It is more economical and flexible. So, when you select a VPS hosting plan what you get is features of both dedicated hosting at a price higher than that of shared hosting. It is more economical and flexible.

Benefits of VPS hosting

Shared hosting has limited control and space. Dedicated hosting is expensive. So what makes VPS hosting better? Here are the advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • More Control: Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting offers more control over the website. It gives you complete control over the server (similar to a dedicated server) apart from sharing the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. The server created is such that you have complete control over it. You are the owner of your website.
    More Resources: If you had to share the resources, like server space, not everyone would get enough traffic on their websites. But for VPS hosting, the resources given do not have to be shared with others. You are responsible for the resources allotted.
  • More Security: When one website hosted on a shared server hacked, all other sites on the server also have to bear the consequences. But this is not the situation of a site on VPS. The entire server won't be harmed if one website is attacked. Also with more options for control, you also have more options to keep your virtual server secure.
  • More Flexibility: You have the choice to select the operating system on which you want to run the server.
  • More Economical: The cost is what makes it more common for the users. It is less costly than a dedicated hosting service.

VPS hosting is one service that overcomes most of the differences between shared and dedicated hosting. It is like owning and paying for one room entirely in a 2BHK apartment. They are best options for those small-scale businesses who want a complete access to their servers.