Customers Live Help Server Software That Is All Yours

Live help server software is the most powerful software and is very easy to use. It improves sales and support by broadcasting visitors like a live agent by just one click. Apart from Default features, this live chat help software, provide some other features. These features are mentioned below

  • visitors stay in a queue,
  • operators assist during work,
  • transfer chat session, etc.

Live help has more features of novelty; operators can remotely manage the live help software wherever on any device including cell phone.

Features which make live chat significant

Live Help Server even has video chat! With video live chat, operators are accessible in video, voice and text chat with a simple click. Agent will show product details to the client or explain the features; prices face to face, and the potential customers will then proceed quickly to buy. On the other hand, the customer support agents become more human, gracious and consistent in video live chat. In addition, operators have the capability to monitor website visitors in live help and send proactive invitation. When the probable customers are browsing the high conversion pages, and set up audio video chats with them to suggest instant help. Operators can also push URL and send file to customers during live chat.

Why Live Chat for my business

More than 50% of website guests say that having questions answered by a live chat representative while browsing the site is one of the most significant features that a website can present. By offering live chat, you are provided with a support channel for website guests who might have left your website early.

Benefits of Live Chat

  • Live Chat is a cost efficient
  • Real-Time Live Chat is accessible to Customers
  • Live Chat increases your sales and customer service
  • Live Chat give you a benefit among your competitors
  • Live Chat is easy and quick to implement

Chatwoo is all you need to offer an awesome customer experience

Chatwoo provides you with some tools that will permit you to chat and busy your customers to enhance conversions on your website. You can also see who is presently browsing your website in real time and suggest immediate customer support. It is smart, but powerful resource management system. It stores all common questions along with files to respond to needs of the visitors’ instantly. Gash fingers from typing-that was old fashioned. Every resource can be drag-dropped in the chat box of the concerning chat partner.

What make Chatwoo more efficient

Chatwoo provides an immediate response and keeps its clients glad. Some other features are mentioned below

  1. It is available on major platforms with your Windows, Mac and Linux apps that can be installed on all lineup computers.
  2. It is easy to use and provides you with the tools to tender fast and efficient support in a user-friendly interface.
  3. It allows you to gather valuable business intelligence from customer feedback and chat transcripts that allow you to serve your customers better.

We identify that the clients have their own methods of scrutinizing data, so we’ve made it possible to download all your rare Analytics data. You can make use of our export function to download raw chat and agent activity for a period up to 90 days. You can then plug up this data into your personal system for further Analysis.a