The task of creating a website usually begins with getting a domain from a registrar. Payment of the annual fee is given to domain name registrar. One of the thought is instead of recurring expense on a website is their possibility to be its own registrar.

More Costly to be own Registrar

If anyone has the aim to save money, this solution will end up at more costing. The requirement of being a registrar shows following costs:

  1. Annual accreditation fee is paid by a user like USD $4,000 to ICANN, charge in an organization to run domain name system.
  2. A commercial insurance policy is needed by a user with a policy limit of at least USD $500,000.
  3. One has to pay a small yearly fee per domain name registered to ICANN.
  4. Registry operator is gained by every domain name suffix. Computers are maintained by these operators contain necessary data for domain names carrying suffixes to work on the Internet. Policies are also set to determine what domain can get by whom. A user has to pay a certain annual fee to a relevant operator for each registered domain. For example, a user has to pay operator USD $7.85 per name per year for “.com” names. Different fees are there for other suffixes.

If anyone uses an existing domain name registrar then an annual fee of about USD $10 is paid.

Other Non-Viable Solutions has been in existence over the years, many ridiculous schemes are there to save $10 annual registrar fee that experienced webmasters regard as fixed costs of running a website. These schemes are not only impractical for the webmaster of small-time, more cost will be added up in future. It is not financial but opportunity costs also. To save time, it is a solution that has testing and found lacking, some more sensible plans are listed:-

  • To simply use free subdomain names given by a free web host is the simplest plan.
  • To use “free domain names” offered by third-party services on the internet is another proposed solution. This is free subdomain name problem under a different name.
  • One more basic proposal is to set up that thing allows a user to create any name, ignoring official registrars and existing suffixes, even allowing names in which traditional suffixes are not used. Numerous alternative domain name systems are around.

To make any domain name system working, set up computers in geographically diverse locations with good connection to the Internet. These machines play as name servers. If a particular domain name is accessed by a web browser, actual Internet address will be supplied by name servers so that browser will gain website for that domain. A user has to set up multiple computers all over the world to match names in a system to numeric addresses which already points to involved cost.

Bottom Line

If anyone is unable to pay a registration fee and searches for alternatives as he does not want division of annual payment then he should move on. There is no other practical way to avoid expenditure.