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Establishment: 2016 by merging of companies myownASP and NovelAspect


  • CEO: Stan Kania

Services Offered

Cloud Hosting Service to QuickBooks, construction software products, Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assets and Sage HRMS application customers

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What for Customers?

The US-based sales team of the company understands business goals and technical team develops the right solution to meet objectives.

Support: 24.7.365 via certified support professionals. The company is 100% customer-focused and provides flawless customers support.

Latest News – Hosting Review SummitHosting

  • (June 05, 2018) Acquired QuickBooks Hosting Provider HarborCloud to expand customer base, market share, and geographic reach.
  • (April 10, 2018) The company boosts Cloud Server Security with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to its hosting environment, an additional layer of security. The added verification process would enhance security, prevent cyber attacks such as identity theft, phishing emails, and ransomware and protect customer's critical business software systems, and data. It enables customers to grant or deny access remotely to information access. Also, it would notify via secondary verification device like a mobile for server access.