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Linux is everywhere

Linux is everywhere. An observation made at Consumer Electronic Show CES 2015, widespread use.

Intel Compute Stick and its similar dongles run Ubuntu

The most famous Linux product was Intel's Compute Stick which is a small computer having the size of a Chromecast dongle. It can plug into the HDMI port on a computer or TV monitor. Dongles of similar size like Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and Roku's Streaming Stick are minimal systems, an Intel Compute Stick has a collection of full x86 which can run on Windows 8.1 or Linux. Ubuntu is available at a low price as compared to Windows version.

It is observed that Genuine Intel HDMI-stick computers are offered with Ubuntu and Windows operating system. Linux makes this product a powerful and customizable operating system.

Every application runs on it

HDMI-stick computers and Intel compute stick had importance as most people were unknown about the Ubuntu logo, the version of Linux. At that time it was not available although most PC manufacturers were exhibiting Chromebooks.

Mozilla Firefox OS will be run by Panasonic smart TVs which would be Linux-based. Many Android games such as Razer's Forge TV which can flow games from a user's PC are using its kernel. Samsung's shift to Tizen for smart TVs, LG’s smartwatch running Open webOS, TVs with Opera TV, Android TV are running on this platform. Each smaller Android device runs on Linux-platform.

As far as new technologies and devices with the internet come out, it will be more famous among them. Robotics also Linux-based platform is used. Future robots with more powerful processors are Linux-based has minimal embedded operating systems are already running nowadays. Google's self-driving cars are also Ubuntu-Linux based.

Forget Linux desktop

The expression “the year of Linux on the desktop” is distracting from its success. Everybody knows about the popularity of Linux on servers. Most famous smartphone platform nowadays is Android and Ubuntu phones are coming shortly. Tablets of Android are also famous than iPads. It is making Chromebooks and Chromeboxes with the help of Chrome OS.

In other words, we can say that the year of Linux on the desktop is a recreation.

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