Cloudike, Inc. based in San Jose, CA, has recently made an announcement regarding the release of their new mobile app called Cloudike. This new app is the White Label Personal Cloud software allows users to sync files between devices without any special efforts. This software is released for the companies of any size which lead them to optimize their service revenue.
The Brandable (White Label) Personal Cloud software offers a rich monetization toolset and is differentiation friendly. This software engages users immediately, fully scalable and always involves users on a daily and weekly basis.
This app offers an opportunity to the companies of all size to give competition to the larger companies. According to the statistical data, those who have download the software, 35 percent of them use the app on daily basis and 64 percent use them on the weekly basis. The app has large no. of tools and many deployment options by which service revenue can be optimized. This app is hosted and operated by Cloudike and it is ideal for pilot tests.
In the beginning, Cloudike, Inc.has 5000 users and then it scale up as per the need to one million or more users. The app software is hosted on the Customer's Infrastructure and it uses existing storage or it allows OpenStack to install. It also provide their customers 24 hrs technical support so as to resolve their all kinds of problems and offers them great level of customer satisfaction.
This software gets the very good response from its users, thus it is recognized as exciting software and users are very eager to download. It becomes very popular among the youth as it has been consider as a big thing for cell phones and most important that this technology is also available for other devices like the Android and PC computers, but unfortunately many of the users didn’t know this.
To fulfil the needs of the company, Cloudike Inc can be fully customized and also offer many other services to their clients such as Service bundles, open APIs, Full source codes, Micro billing.
Cloudike, Inc. is a software and mobile app developer based in San Jose, CA. Its main goal is to make life simple of the people by developing and offering technologically advanced programs to them, as they entertain them and create more fun for them.