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All email addresses have the format someone@somewhere;. What appears before the at (@) sign is the ID (usually username) and what follows it, is the domain name. So the first thing you need for creating your own email address is to get a domain name.

There are two ways in which you can create your email address

  1. Using Gmail or yahoo which provides free email services.
  2. Pay for the domain name and get email services.

The easiest way to get your own domain name is to buy it. Though there are hundreds of companies that offer domain registration services, only a few are reliable. Network Solutions were the first companies to sell domain names.

To create a new free email address e.g. hotmail you will need to go to the hotmail site and create a new account or id. The account can be used for accessing the various services and is associated with an email address.

You cannot create an email address without first creating the account/or id.

You cannot have multiple email addresses without creating multiple accounts. You should note that these are not simple email accounts but service accounts giving you access to multiple services.

However if you are using an ISP then you can normally create multiple addresses using the email control panel.

  • For paid accounts you need:
  • A domain Name
  • Mailbox Storage
  • A domain name is the basis of your email addresses, and is not as expensive as many think, often costing less than $10 per year.
  • Once you have your own domain name it belongs to you and you control it.
  • A domain name is in effect an address. It can be the address of a Website, and it can also the address of a mailbox.
  • The email address has the general form mailbox@name2.name1

Where :

  • mailbox= name of mailbox e.g. dinesh
  • name2= 2nd level domain e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Dell
  • name1= TLD (Top level domain) e.g. com, mil, gov

A domain name needs to be unique – no two web sites can have the same domain name. Your aim is to search for a domain name that is either your name or describes you or your business in some manner.

In today's scenario finding a suitable domain name can be quite an exercise because all the good ones are apparently already registered.

The thing which should be kept in mind is your domain name should be catchy and for finding it you should have patience.

Here are some pointers to help you in your search for a good domain name.
First check whether the domain name of your last name is available.

To add flexibility in finding a suitable Domain names one can add dashes which can be used to separate your first and last names.

You can even hunt for domain names that describe you in any fashion. For example, if is unavailable, would aptly describe the evil murderer from The Silence of the Lambs.

Do not use numbers unless, of course, they are a part of your name.

The company from where you purchased the domain name will also provide you the email service. You would be able to create not one but multiple email addresses of your own. The charges will be extra, however.

Now these things would help you to create your own email address.

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