What is CDN and why you should use one?

When you have a website, and you want to improve the user experience by providing high availability and high performance, then you have to go ahead and start using Content Delivery Network or CDN. Your business website is meant to perform well everywhere in the world and to ensure that and to redefine its performance level, and CDNs do a great job.

First, let us understand what it is? CDNs are a system where a large number of servers located at different strategic locations around the globe, are connected to each other. All these servers are capable of providing the content of your website to the potential user. So when a customer clicks your site he served with the site content from one of the multiple servers which have a site on them. This particular server which is geographically located nearest to the visitor. When a visitor receives your website content from a server near him instead of a server located may be half way across the globe, his experience is better. For real visitors' experience, it is recommended to have as many servers as possible in the CDN, the more, the merrier!

Advantages of using Content Delivery Networks

When you use CDN, your reliability increases. Also, it becomes less susceptible to hanging because of heavy traffic on a server. It becomes difficult for those who are there to harm your website by hacking it. It is simple, when someone needs to have a look at your site, he gets to do so from the server nearest to him, this is quick, reliable and clean. Some other inherent benefits would be:

  • Your ranking in search engine results gets a boost
  • the load on your hosting reduced
  • Your customers are happy!
  • Minimized possibility of a downtime
  • Improved SEO Rankings

When search engines like Google assign a rank to a website, they take some criterions in consideration. One of these criteria is the speed at which the web pages of your site load. When there is a website which has a very high speed of loading its web pages, it gets a plus point, and its ranking improves on the result page. If you use CDN for your website, it is sure to boost the web page loading speed and your site loads in minimum time. That gets you improved ranking in search results. When a site appears in the first few pages of the search results of any search engine, it get more visitors and hence more business.

Customer Satisfaction

Remember that frustration that creeps in when the plate set in front of you on the dining table but the food is taking ages in coming. It is the same feeling that a visitor gets when he clicks on the website and the content takes forever to get loaded. It simply drives them away to other faster loading websites. It is essential to keep the website loading speed very high if you want to retain visitors and satisfy them. Using CDN  ensures that your visitor feels happy clicking your site name.

Less load on Hosting

There is a possibility at a given time there are many visitors who want to check out your website. Leads to a high surge of traffic, which might be problematic for your hosting and it might not be able to serve your website quickly to everybody. However, if you are using CDN this problem is resolved, and all the content of your website reaches the visitor quickly, including audio and video files too.

These benefits clearly show that by using CDN you ensure that the visitors that come clicking are happy and get converted into customers and do come back for more business. Also, you get the benefit of publicity by word of mouth. The quality of surfing experience of the visitor on your website improves as does your SEO ranking. CDNs are meant to do a lot of good!