Free Java Hosting Server

It is now very easy to make your own server and distribute it among friends for fun. It also brings risk and so it must be done carefully following all the steps in proper order. It requires some technical knowledge so that if there are any problems it can be tackled easily. The Minecraft server gives an option where players can easily connect with their friends and double the fun. It is important to consider your system configuration so that server can easily be installed and executed. Minecraft is very popular for games and thus, players always wish to have it to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. The games developed can easily work on java server that is offered by Minecraft.

Install Latest Version of Java

It is beneficial to have the latest version of java that can come with all latest features. One who already has it in their system must update and get the latest version of it. It is advisable to make a dedicated folder for your server and thus once done with it start the server to move forward. As you click on it configuration files are automatically added in such folder. The most important thing to be done is to accept EULA and make it true from false. The file is located in the application folder and now it is important to start a server. One who faces any problem can start the server as an administrator.

Steps Involved

Now come to the command prompt where parameters are passed to run java and other executable files. To run java, it is important to specify the path and thus, from command line take it to the respective path. One can also set the environment variable and take command prompt to the newly created path. Once you are done with it next come the Minecraft server that is required to be executed with commands. The jar file is to be changed now so that it can be executed to give proper results. There are various options available for the user to work in such environment like they can use java for executing and even can go without Goethe next step is to set minimum and maximum memory allocated to the server and it depended on the configuration of the system. There is an option that is requiring making true and it will help to make server online and connect through LAN.


There is an option where the user can create a .bat file that will have all commands and thus finally executing can help to make server online. It is very easy to create .bat file just opens any notepad and start writing all important commands. The most important things are to set path and them write all command that were used to make it run from command prompt. Just save the file with .bat extension only. This file is to be stored in the folder where Minecraft server exists and will work same as the executable file. Now just copy file path of your exe file in bat file so that executing it will help to start a server. After saving it just click on bat file and it will popup up with some errors. Just ignore such errors and go for further step. Once you click start you can find your server is online here your friends can also connect with it.