Selection of Web Hosting plan

1) To know about your requirements as an end user

If you wish to know which web hosting plan will be suitable for you then, first of all, you must have some knowledge of various web hosting plans, like the features they offer, their basic concept, their benefits, and limitations and others. If you know all this about different plans then after understanding and analyzing needs as an end user, you will definitely choose a correct hosting plan.

2) Types of Hosting Plans Available

Shared hosting

As the name suggests, your website is hosted with several other sites on a server and resources of a server will be shared between your site and others. Web hosting companies offering shared hosting worked very hard as several companies websites are hosted simultaneously, thus they keep an eye on their server for 24 hrs a day to keep them up. Mostly, Shared hosting is cheap and appropriate for small and new websites. So, if you have just created a website or you are looking for a web host which may offer you an affordable price, then this is a good option.

Semi-dedicated hosting

This type of hosting allows a website to used resources on a server in large quantity as less number of sites are hosted on a single server. As the server is not fully dedicated to you, it is shared by others also, so it is semi-dedicated hosting. This hosting is good for those who are having a large amount of data on their sites such as more of text, photos, videos and simultaneously having more number of visitors also who access your site again and again in no time. It may not affect your browsing speed as less number of sites are hosted on a server.

There are various hosting companies who offered semi-dedicated hosting plan but some of them offered a great capacity of CPU i.e .4 or 5 times more CPU.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Same as above your site is hosted on a server with other sites but the difference is that there is no sharing of resources among sites. Every VPS is having their own resources such as CPU, RAM and thus your website can make their full utilization without disturbing other sites resources. VPS offered various plans and every plan contain different features so before selecting the one first see what is good or suitable for you and for your website. If you are not satisfied with semi-dedicated hosting then you may go with the VPS Hosting.

Dedicated hosting

As its name suggests, this type of hosting is dedicated to you. Only your site is hosted on a server and your site will not share resources with other sites. This is good for you if you are very concerned about your site as well as your visitors and their needs. But if you are having a small or a new website, then don’t go with this hosting. Another point to be noted here is that among all hosting plans available, this is a most expensive plan. So, keep this thing in mind before selecting a plan, however it may help you to make money in large quantity.

3) Selection of Best Hosting provider as per the requirement.

In the end, I would like to say that choose hosting provider as per your requirement. Choose one which meets your overall and specific needs but if you asked me then I recommend hosting providers who offered VPS Hosting and Shared hosting plans.