Re-platforming e-commerce store then it must improve performance and increase sales. It should include front-end platform where clients engage, order management system, merchandising, marketing, site ethics, and billing. Loading very late order management system can be a poor hosting solution. Then it converts into frustrated clients. Slow performance can also negatively impact marketing efforts which could damage your brand. While re-platforming pay attention to carefully select hosting provider. Here are six key points to keep in mind when choosing a hosting partner for e-portal:

1) Site should always be up

Sometime web pages can go down for a minutes then hosting provider restart server or add CPU. Even a few seconds could mean lost transactions results in customer unsatisfactory behavior. It could be a 7 percent loss of conversations. Before choosing hosting provider ask them for assurance of robust service level agreements (SLAs) for uptime and availability.

2) Fast network

Hosting provider should provide great network which will be able to deliver optimal network service. They enable to control connectivity and network quality of your own infrastructure. If they don't then take a hosting provider that uses super-fast fiber optic cable which are in demand for today's e-commerce platform.

3) Deployment of new platform be painless and easy

Select a hosting provider which has industry know-how. These hosting provider should have autonomously planned for, build, deploy and manage optimized e-commerce hosting infrastructure.

4) Better SLA’s with a self-hosted solution

Your hosting provider should be expert in patching, troubleshooting, monitoring and backing up e-commerce infrastructure would able to meet internal SLAs like network uptime and server availability without spending upfront on significant IT resources.

5) Secure Website

Security is the biggest challenge in the e-commerce industry. Every-time ask your hosting provider for secure network. Unprotected network can loss your productivity or revenue. So look for a hosting partner that does everything possible to keep its customers’ data private, secure and safe.

6) Infrastructure scale easily

Essential of e-commerce website is seamless, smooth scaling of hosting infrastructure. Your website should work properly even when huge traffic arrives in festive seasons and at year-end. Website crawl under high traffic pressure or crashes altogether.

These are some basic key point while re-platforming e-commerce platform. A right option can increase your sell, increase revenue and great customer satisfaction. So don't get confused just open your mind. Think and plan properly before choosing to host.