Joomla has gained immense popularity with programmers all around the world as a very effective content management system (cms). It offers great Plugins, modules, and templates and is surely the best option if you are designing a website that has a lot of content or a multimedia website or other advanced websites. New Joomla offers more enhanced features and functions which will help you to develop and maintain a website of your dreams.

Superior Compatibility

Joomla 1.0 did have some bugs. But they have been removed in a new version, that is Joomla 3.1. If your server has Apache or MySQL or PHP, Joomla will definitely be compatible with it.

Enhanced and Consistent Look

Using the latest version of Joomla will help you develop a website that is superbly professional looking, a website that will announce that you mean business. A number of templates can be added and one can rest assured that administration will no longer be a headache.

Mobile Ready Websites

In today's times when the number of smartphone users is increasing at an explosive rate, it will really be a very sad scene if your website is not mobile friendly. With Joomla, this problem is resolved. You can develop a very responsive and mobile friendly website. Your website will be available to everyone, all the time and on all sort of devices. That is a major benefit of Joomla hosting.

Better Database Support

Keeping in mind concerns of users regarding security and utilities, a new version of Joomla has been loaded with more database. Earlier it uses to be difficult to run a number of database modules as it could result in information breach. But now this concern has been taken care of and Joomla has become much safer and functional.

Fabulous Support

Joomla has a very vibrant and powerful community associated with it which will help you in every step that you do. You can rest assured that you will get prompt and easy and effective solutions to whatever problem comes your way.

Joomla is Here to Stay

Looking at an amazingly large number of websites that are currently using Joomla as their CMS stand as testimony to the fact that Joomla is here to stay and has a long way to go.

It is Almost Free!

Joomla is an open source software and can be downloaded for free. Also, it can be upgraded without paying any fee, which is a big advantage. You will need to pay money only if you decide to buy templates or plugins which are commercial and not free.

Extension is Easy

If you are using Joomla it becomes very easy to add more functionality and extensions to your website. There is any number of extensions accessible like galleries, e-comm, classified ads or forums.

Scheduled Content

Sometimes the requirement of your website is such that you need to post some content on a specific date or time. This becomes difficult if you are not available to do so. But do not worry, with Joomla this is possible. You can actually schedule posting of some specific content at some specific time.

Editing is easy

With Joomla, editing your website is easy and effortless. This is so because Joomla has powerful editors, locating a specific data is easy in Joomla and also Joomla offers the feature of locking the data when it is being edited by a specific user.

There are plenty of reasons why one must be looking forward to Joomla. So go ahead and enjoy the benefits of Joomla hosting!

Latest Version: 3.8.10