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Choosing the web hosting provider is the crucial step for making a subtle existence in a web. While choosing a web hosting one should consider the customer’s perspective. According to an analytical blog, 40 percent customer leaves the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and even one-second delay can affect end-user conversion to 7 percent. So along with website uptime, the times took in loading also take effect. The three most important features to be asked by a novice user are speed, reliability, and support. Further, the size of website and traffic volume also plays a crucial role in affecting loading time negatively. For small businesses shared hosting is provided as a tempting option but here the size of your website and the future incoming traffic also matters .if your website is attracting huge traffic or having a huge size over disk than you may have to choose a bigger plan.

Some quick things to assess are:-

Selection of hosting type:-

According to your business/Service type and the above-mentioned criteria, you may choose one best plan for various hosting types. Every company provides a different hosting plan under the different package. But generally, it can be classified into following types:-

There are many web hosting comparison companies comparison of web-hosting provider companies. They collect report on uptime analysis, social sentiments and provide statistics on their services. It is useful for a novice user and technical savvy use as well.

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