Live support software download to improve your customer online experience

Live support software is a popular term for online chat applications designed specially to provide online assistance to users of a website. Such software is used to provide immediate help to visitors on a website. Live chat is mainly used for text-based communication, however, software providers package of services like voice, video, helpdesk, CRM systems along with text chat. Typically live chat support software download applications will open a window that connects the user to an agent. Some software allows the users to be queued, so that solitary member of staff can pact with a customer and then automatically shift on to the next customer. The client's place in the queue is sometimes displayed.

Live chat‘s immense demand

Live chat support software is represented in the marketplace by such applications as Hip Chat, LiveChat, LiveAgent and many others. Live support can also be in a type of voice communication via an automatic callback. The customer enters his phone number, and the application initiates link between the client and sales rep. These apps are mostly helpful for companies that execute sales through the phone. Callback apps are supplied by the companies like Call maker, United World Telecom, GlobalTel, Alliance Communication, or on Roaming SIMs.

Why use live chat for your business

Live chat is a feature packed and swiftly deployable; it’s the primary solution for desktop-based online chat. Forget about clutter and focus on chats and guests. Live chat’s easy and streamlined interface gives you an apparent picture of your customer service and helps you to handle cases quickly. It has many features, some are listed below

Live chat features

Live chat can literally take a look into its client's mind. Everything that customers are typing in is noticeable in the chat window, even if they don’t send it over. Both the agents and clients can use Live chat software too exchange files, no need to use perky links or email, simply drag and drop the file on the chat window. With live chat software, all preceding chats are readily available in the chat window. No need to switch back and forth. You can modify any part of chat window, both in terms of looks as well as behavior. Live chat can sense when visitors take certain actions on your website and concern chat invitations based on those actions.

Talk to customers in real time with Chatwoo

The gaze and the feel of the live chat function were easily customized to Chatwoo. It is online customer service software with live support, build in help desk and web analytics. Chatwoo has always been shaped with customer service in mind. The fresh and simple design will help to deliver the best support experience. It makes sure that customer won’t be unfocused by unnecessary noise and clutter when answering chats. There are many benefits of Chatwoo some of them are listed below

Advantages of using Chatwoo

Chatwoo gets real knowledge about its guests automatically from over 30 system parameters Chatwoo can manually invite visitors to chat with you, when you think it’s appropriate. For every manual invitation, it will type a personalized invitation message with specific information relevant to its guests. Chatwoo can simultaneously switch to multiple chats and switch between chats quickly and easily by using keyboards shortcuts. Chatwoo is a live chat alternative which can support all major browsers on all major operating systems and is its foremost feature.