Directory submission is one of the best strategies to get popularity to your site by submitting your hyperlink to the list of service providers. It is like submitting your website to yellow pages like web directories from where you can get clients for your website. It is basically a link building process which involves submission of links to a web directory. It increases your site visibility. It also helps in getting back links to your web site.

Directory submission will increase your site visibility on the major search engines and return it will help to increase your web traffic. It creates back links for your web site and the more back links you get the high will be your rank in the search engines. Many search engines do crawling through directories and when you have links submitted to the directories you can find spiders reaching your website with the help of these links and helps in indexing of your website.

With the help of directory submission you will be able to get your targeted audience and will give a lot of profit to your company and also helps to increase your web site traffic.

Directory submission is done in two ways: Automatic and manual submission. Basically we prefer the manual submission first because when the submission is done manually the service provider weighs the condition and then act accordingly. In this we can submit a limited amount of directories everyday which helps in proper uploading and better targeted submission.

There are three types if directories in which we can submit:

Paid: For listing these we need to pay.

Niche: It helps in providing a link from related niche with relevant content.

Free: Web administrators do not charge for listing in these directories.

Benefits of Directory Submission are:

  • Helps in increasing the back links.
  • Increases the chance of being indexed by search engines.
  • Increase the web traffic.
  • If anchor text is applied then it helps to create a hyperlink for your web site.
  • With the help of directory submission we can also exchange links with other websites for gaining the popularity in the market.