Managed web hosting known as an extended version of dedicated hosting service. A managed hosting service is when the web host manages the dedicated server. Such type of hosting is appropriate for large businesses with a strong online presence. Managed web hosting is also known as ‘a transformed dedicated server equipped with extensive features and support’. It has some of the features of dedicated server that it takes care of setup, installing software, monitoring security, technical support and regular backups required to focus on increasing business.

Managed hosting makes the user get rid of botheration and support costs connected with running your own server. The intricate task of server administration is thus managed by the web host rather than by the company in managed hosting. In dedicated servers, the web host in general offers a choice of operating system, routing gear, network connection etc. but in managed hosting more is offered b the web hosts. For websites that have outgrown shared hosting account and is in requirement of dedicated resources, and customized software installations, along with for those sites that want the security of being the only one accessing the server, managed servers are the right choice. Customers that expect performance, reliability and security of dedicated server minus day-to-day hassles linked with server or other technical problems are suitable for managed server solutions.

The edge of managed hosting are:

  1. Security : With open networks for all customers, suppliers and traders comes the risk of security breaches which should be managed properly. This complex task is entrusted to web host in case of managed hosting services.
  2. Data Assurance : Daily data backup ensures the customer that sensitive data is safe with data storage that is flexible.
  3. Server administration : The web hosts provide, maintenance and monitoring of server and technical complexities is provided by web hosts thus, saving the company from pricey system administration resources.
  4. Network management : The web hosts undertake the accountability for software, hardware and processes, along with the infrastructure investments.
  5. Customer Support : Premium and customized customer support to meet managed environment and requirements is provided. Support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessible via phone, email, or live chat.
  6. Flexible packages : Companies are free to choose and select the plans that are flexible enough to meet their budgetary requirements.
  7. Effective trouble shooting : Problems related to hardware or software are detected and cured by the web host promptly. This assures the client to benefit uninterrupted service for thriving trading.
  8. Constant Monitoring : Simultaneous server and network connection monitoring by both automated and human systems prevent any troubles that can hamper the business.
  9. Assurance of quality : For ensuring reliability and compatibility, web hosts provide high quality hardware.
  10. Regular upgrades : Regular hardware upgrades are provided by the web host with an additional cost as per the contract terms and conditions.

Managed web hosting is something essential for major large companies that have a vast web presence and are hoarded with a lot of traffic. Hosts provide the customers with a graphic user interface with in-built monitoring tools to ensure control and flexibility and better risk management. Some of best USA managed hosting providers are:- Inmotion hosting, hostmonster, godaddy, liquidweb, Hivelocity and Ipage. These providers are USA based providers which offers top notch packages for fulfilling their customers need.