Rivet software, an industry leader in financial reporting, has made an announcement on 16 Dec, 2013 that in their company members, software technology veteran Frode Rognstad has been appointed as the chief technology officer and two new board members Charles Graham and Paul J. Zecchi are also added in the Board of Directors.
Rivet has a strategic plan announced in the month of Sep, 2013 designed to restructure and to increase growth and with this also expand in to the private and international markets. It mainly focuses on strengthening the executive leadership of the company .To implement this, the two new board members and chief technology officers are appointed. The main aim behind these restructuring changes is product innovation so that financial reporting needs of new markets can be addressed.
The decision of being entered into global market is taken by planning the release of a more robust Crossfire Analytics in 2014. The company has delivered top line solutions that became the standard in the financial reporting industry and as a consequence will lead their team to grow the Microsoft Office tools that accountants need for their financial reporting and compliance needs within Rivet's signature product, Crossfire.
Rivet is a company that is driven by passion, commitment and perseverance. It also drives its leadership in the XBRL and Document Management industries. The company is having one unique advantage i.e. Microsoft Office tools and Crossfire are tightly integrated in the marketplace which allows the company to capture more market share while introducing more advanced solutions to other markets.
Their new board members are highly qualified and gain good years of business and board level experience in the same, Graham’s main focus is on various large-scale investment projects. Zecchi has more than 40 yrs of business and broad level experience and he is currently the president and chief executive officer of Central Resources, Inc.
Rivet Software provides financial reporting systems by which the way of creating and consume financial information is improved by the companies. The company was founded in 2003 by software and accounting industry veterans and its main goal is to revolutionize global financial communications by enabling financial transparency and leveraging global standards.