E-commerce Live Chat Software

E-Commerce Live Chat Softwares are several in number, but only few ones offer best services. So, in this article, reader will know the best live chat software vendors for e-commerce.

Website Alive– Website Alive, offers an excellent way for outsourcing the live support. It features mobile chat, click to call solutions to retailers with live chat.


  1. Visitor tracking
  2. Chat transcripts
  3. Invitation Pop-ups
  4. Communication records
  5. Chat collaboration
  6. Call Routing
  7. Call transfers
  8. Multiple chat lines

Boldchat – BoldChat features the live chat support systems and some advanced tools such as multiple customer support interactions, co-browsing, click-to-call services and SMS communication. It focused on offering online support for a smartphone, computer, and tablet owners with online retailers.


  • Passive browsing sharing
  • Cross-domain implementations
  • Mgt. of SMS, Email, and Twitter
  • iPhone app
  • Mobile-aware windows
  • Post-chat survey

Moxie Software Live Chat- It offers integrated customer support systems. Organizations such as 3M, Dell, Crocs, etc. integrate and used the enterprise products. Its system of Live Chat permits co-browsing, text dialogues, proactive chat and reactive chat. The company is also engaged in extending its products so that mobile browsing, social media requests, click to call features and others can be handled. It has a sound knowledge Base support center.

Right Now Technologies Right Now Technologies handling customer relationship management systems and call center software, for more than 2000 SMB’s.


  • Live Chat
  • Mobile Live Chat
  • Web Self Service
  • Mgt. of Email
  • Contact Center integration and software

LivePerson- It is one of the top rated companies offering online customer service. Live chat, content applications, voice, social media, CRM, mobile customer support all are integrated into this platform. Over 1.8 billion web visits boasted by company for every month and therefore to handle such heavy traffic, LP Insights, launched by company, which monitors a set of customer analytics, including their sentiments, behaviour, and purchasing patterns. Contextual customization is allowed by live chat interactions to allow website visitors to interact with operators properly. Communication needs are handled by this for some of the largest online retailing brands.


  • Improvement in Conversion
  • Personalized experience
  • Cross-channel communication
  • Productivity of agent is tracked
  • Automated clients offer

Oracle Live Help on Demand Oracle’s Live Help technology powers big retail brands like Procter & Gamble, Costco & The Home Depot. It features live chat, integration of voice and email, offering of tools for integrating multi-channels. Its Live Chat software tracks customers and analyzes the data which is left, thereby improving chat support.

Chatwoo Interaction is increased among those visitors who are currently on site by Live Chat system and helps in converting the inactive visitors to the active ones. Its Live Chat focuses on the activities which involve the visitors accessing the products and services. Live Help resolves the issues of the clients/visitors visiting the website. It is an important chat Software which offers full control, perfect Integration with no compromise.

  • Fast & Simple integration- Process of integration and setup takes only 5 minutes.
  • Live Help offers for several websites
  • SSL is provided to ensure Security
  • Inter-Departmental Chat can take place
  • File Sharing is permitted
  • Chat can be transferred between supporting representatives.
  • Targeted Chat assists proactively initiate a chat with online visitors.
  • Customizable theme is offered according to the website.
  • Language Localization – It allows to create fully localize chat window in the language in which web visitors can communicate.