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Amanda (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver)

The automatic backup data of each host sent to the host operating as a centralized Amanda server. To restore data, the host sends a request to the Amanda server, specifying the file system, data, and filenames. A server is installed with an amanda-server package and client with the amanda-client package. The clients may have different configurations and operating systems.

The Amanda server runs through xinetd using xinetd service located in /etc/xinetd.d. The three services files include: amanda, amidxtape, amandaidx. For a client to recover a backup from the server, a hostname is placed in the .amandahosts file in the server Amanda user's directory /var/lib/amanda. The file /var/lib/amanda/.amandahosts lists all the hosts that are backed by Amanda.

Amanda configuration files get automatically created with the installation. A user mentions the directory to use as a holding disk, where backups kept before writing to the tape.

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