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Papers Manufacturers Can Avail Services of Anahata

The industries which are manufactured or producing papers, will feel happy after knowing that now they can avail the services of the Anahata, a software company. Anahata is having something which if it offers for any business in the paper manufacturing industry, then the industry will feel great. The company has customized ICT solutions which they offer in the industry so that their needs and requirements of businesses can be fulfilled to a great extent. This news has made Anahata a leading service provider in Melbourne and the outlying areas of the region.
Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 is a private software development company owned by an Australian who offer their specialized services in the analysis, design, implementation and provide support to cost-efficient and custom built software application. The company is having various experts with vast experience and good qualification from all over the world that has made great contributions in the designing and development of software, which lead them to offer cheap and cost effective solutions to their clients and thus enhance the profitability of their business operations.
The company has tied up with several companies, i.e. In the form of partnership and the main aim behind this partnership is to provide integrated ICT solutions that are user-friendly and easy to manage. The organization is having MYOB and ORACLE as the certified partners. The company is working with MYOB so that the enterprise solutions can be developed based on Oracle and Java platforms and it ensures seamless integration with its own business solutions and thus it enhances their accounting services product range.
Anahata has a development process which mainly focuses on the customer satisfaction, as this is the main objective of every organization. It allows their customers to give assistance in the fine tuning of the software and allow them to do on site inspection and assessment thus making it as efficient and user-friendly as possible, which leads to an improvement in the design and development including enhancement of business profitability. The clients are offered on site training with great level of customer service who offer their services 24 *7 for the whole year and they can contact via live chat, phone, e-mail etc.
Smart Bear Software, has been honored as one of the Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in 2014 with a Glass Door Employees' Choice Award. It is a leading company of quality and performance management solutions used by more than one million software development and operations professionals all over the world.
There are total 50 winning companies and among them SmartBear ranked 2 and earned a 4.7 rating out of 5 points on the overall basis by its employees. Actually this rating has been done with the feedback of their employees on the work culture, work environment, job profile and other points. This feedback is collected by the company Glassdoor in their online company review survey.
SmartBear always focus on attracting and retaining the best employees by hiring the best talent and always encourage them so that the level of employee satisfaction is enhanced which lead to the success of the company. According to the company, their own employees also ranked very high on Glassdoor's Top 50 list and they will always try to make their work environment outstanding in all their locations, all over the world.
The survey is conducted between November 14, 2012 and November 12, 2013 in which U.S. Based employees have taken participation and give their reviews on the company , which is taken under consideration for deciding or choosing the Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for List. Based on Glassdoor's proprietary algorithm, the final list is prepared and compiled and takes into account quantity, quality and consistency of reviews.
Glassdoor is working to provide employment to the people of their choice and to create greater workplace transparency .Through the Employees' Choice Awards, the company’s main goal is to identify those employers who are successful in providing their employees greater level of satisfaction. In their survey, the feedback is taken from the employees on the basis of certain factors such as career opportunities, compensation and benefits, work/life balance, senior management, as well as culture and values.

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