ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a simple script engine with dynamic web pages made popular by Microsoft. Scripts allow users to create dynamic databases driven pages, and allows to access with the database. With a various objects that are built-in for programming ASP websites that has been made easier. ASP creates dynamic and interactive web pages where the page can respond to user's action. Besides that, it also enables web pages to be linked to database. This type of hosting is available widely and using these feature users can personalize the website settings to their likings. All they need to do is, just sign in and interact.

Here is how ASP functions. When someone enters your website domain name into the browser's address box, it will send a request to the web server and this will result in a standard HTML file to be sent. When the browser receives the HTML file, it will display the content exactly as how it is displayed on the server side. If ASP script is used within the file then his browser will process the HTML codes first then proceed to process he ASP codes. How ASP codes are normally used? Well you can see the used o display date, time or some other real-time information.
Despite its extensive capabilities, the ASP programming platform is very similar to HTML, so even the most novices to intermediate webmasters should be able to easily transition into using this type of scripting language. In fact, even individuals that have no experience with web development should be able to learn ASP as their first programming language. Fortunately, it won’t require years of hard work to become an efficient ASP programmer, as there are many user-friendly interactive applications that simplify the learning curve significantly.
The ASP Web hosting company is a web hosting company that provides support for Active Server Pages or ASP. When you have a HTML website that you what to embed ASP code try considering an ASP web hosting, ASP web hosting company support dynamic and database driven website. There are a lot of others Web hosting companies that you can find online. Look for one that best suits you to get the most of what you will be paying. Check out the features and benefits and see if it matches what you require. Read some reviews to get some feedback from current users.