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Apple New Curved Touch Screen Technology

Hey great news for the customers who are using iPhone 6 or who are planning to buy it in the future, as Apple, one of the biggest technology firm has announced for their new and upcoming iPhones, that they have patented the curved touch screen technology.
Apple has disclosed their patent details to the public, they said about their new method which include a flexible substrate on which conductive thin film is deposited so that at least one touch sensor pattern can be formed and the flexible substrate should be kept in a flat state. As per the embodiment, the method can include providing support to the flexible substrate in the flat state on at least one curved forming substrate who is performing an annealing process, having a predetermined curvature of the conductive thin film.
According to an embodiment, the first forming substrate having a first predetermined curvature is included in the curved forming substrate and forming a second substrate having a second predetermined curvature complementing the first predetermined curvature.
As per the sources, Apple has made this announcement to give competition to their competitors such as Samsung and LG, as both the companies have made an announcement that in future they will be using curved screen technology in their upcoming phones.
Apple’s patent not addresses the actual touch screen; instead of this it particularly addresses their process of production. As per the experts, there are not any special benefits can avail by the customers who will go to use such curved screen phones.
As per the sources, it is known that Apple is working on a curved glass iPhone, so that they can release it at the end of 2014 and provide more customer satisfaction.
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