IT Students or techies are worried, as US companies are not showing any interest in the campus placement of them. It is seen from last several years, US companies come for the recruitment of capable and talented candidates to India, but this year their absence is a matter of tension, especially for the techies.
According to some job aspirants, visa of US issued last year and many American companies recruit large no. Of candidates and offer high packages for the deserving candidates but this year these companies have not come for hiring process in the Indian Engineering colleges.
Due to this fear, smart IITians techies or IT students are applying at both local and international levels, as they are not sure if they get the job in US companies.
It is also seen that many Japanese firms like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Uhuru Software and Sony Japan are coming for the campus placement to IIT-Bombay, instead of the companies operating in the US.
One more thing is also under discussion, that the attrition rate is also reduced in these US companies, they are having fewer vacancies to fill.
According to the placement advisor of IIT-Madras and IIT-Delhi, this year it is difficult for the students to offer them a profile in the US companies as companies with operations in the US are not coming this year which lead to a big loss but five new international companies including some Japanese firms are coming for the campus placement for the first time in India.
IIT Kanpur is running a semester long language course for their students in which they can opt for the Japanese language and can understand their culture so that they can fight the interviews very well and better placed in the good companies of Japan. The college has decided to release the placement brochure in Japanese also with English in Jan, 2014.
There are few US based companies who have registered and promised to come this year are all gaming companies such as Pocket Gems, Epic Systems, Rocket Fuel and Tower Research. Some US firms hire very less no. Of candidates and most of them for their offices situated in India. These US firms are Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Schlumberger.
The time has changed now, earlier computer science student placement was between 70 to 100 percent and they are offer dollars by companies situated in the US, but this year students of all the branches get affected , thus something needs to be done so that recruitment season on Indian campuses is going to get a more global flavor.