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E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It just means any business or commercial transaction. It involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It helps to buy or sell products online, by using digital and physical way.

E-commerce domain hosting is a website hosting service which is used to meet the needs of an electronic commerce site. An individual can use a new or existing domain name for his eCommerce site. It helps an individual to configure their existing domain, or he can buy a new one.

Difference between eCommerce Web Hosting & Usual Web Hosting

E-commerce hosting is different from standard web hosting, but domain name may remain the same. In basic web hosting service, there are few requirements which are different from e-commerce web hosting, but that will not affect domain in any case. This includes SSL, database support, shopping cart software, etc. but in eCommerce web hosting additional eCommerce software and security initiatives are included. E-commerce hosting is designed to provide entrepreneurs and businesses fundamentally with all the tools and services needed to set, manage and convey an eCommerce business.
E-commerce hosting offered by various web hosting service providers. It appends eCommerce functions as well as it also renders web server to host an individual's website, an email server for email support, SEO server, technical support and other facilities required during web hosting.

he word E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the facilitation of trading in services and products, done by using computer networks such as the Internet. The phrase E-commerce hosting explains a website hosting platform which is used to provide electronic commerce site.
This type of hosting includes Database support, payment processing services, SSL, Shopping cart software along with additional security initiatives and e-commerce software. Through this article, users will get complete information about E-commerce hosting, its benefits, and other useful info.

Overview of E-commerce Web Hosting

Unreliable infrastructure, poor website performance, and security vulnerabilities can damage your online revenue generation plans. E-commerce hosting helps internet retailers to come out from these obstacles. This high technology web hosting designed to meet stringent security measures through which retailers experience unparallel levels of performance and safety.
Its operating systems are fully configured to increase site performance and minimize exposure to current and future threats. Along with this, it optimized reliability, overall performance, and efficiency by removing unnecessary applications and data.

Shared VS Dedicated E-commerce Web Hosting:-

If users are planning for their present or future internet needs, an issue of shared and dedicated hosting will possibly consider. If we go through with their positive and negative approaches, it can be dramatic.
Shared web server, sometimes also called virtual hosting, mainly shares resources with other websites. Moreover, multiple sites hosted on the same physical server.
On the other hand, dedicated server, user’s site is the only one on a server.


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service. It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies who provide space on a server which may be leased or owned for use by clients & provide Internet connectivity too. Web hosts also provide data center space to the Internet for other servers located in their data center.

The feature of eCommerce Web Hosting

Best e-commerce hosting includes all features of the personal plan, advanced anti-spam protection, free static IP & SSL certificate, Stats2 web analytics and much more. These web hosting companies also offer Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, free Domain, merchant account support, dedicated secure SSL certificate, toll-free 24/7/365 tech support, instant account activation, money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, enterprise-class webmail, and much more.

One Stop Shop

These best e-commerce web hosting offers you everything you need to set up your online store. Everything already built in whether it is a site, newsletters, store, blog, email, CRM or point of sale.

Mobile and Social Ready

This web hosting has responsive themes. It helps you to provide the great look of your online store on mobile phones and tablets automatically. It also helps you to sell on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest by linking them to your products.

Powerful Admin

This e-commerce web hosting helps you to manage your store with the ease-of-use platform. It has intuitive, responsive, streamlined design for simple & efficient store management.

24x7x365 Expert Support

These best e-commerce web hosting offers you 24X7X365 technical support, always there to help & assist you. Whenever any problem occurs, you just need to contact support, and your problem gets resolved as soon as possible. The toll-free facility is also available. You can call, email or chat with their experts at any time, free of charge. Their customer support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated & skilled.

Regularly Updated

Your business needs the latest technology to stay competitive. That is why these web hosting companies regularly refresh the platform with new releases time to time.

Faster Response Times

They offer you the fastest response times. This helps you to remain updated in your business.

Sell easily, quickly and securely

E-commerce web hosting helps to sell anything online. It makes easier to create, design, and manage your store easily. Their built-in features help you to succeed in today's competitive market.

Conversion Optimized Themes

These web hosting companies have various conversion optimized themes. From which you can select, apply, and get started quickly. They have a professionally designed theme that looks great and converts visitors into buyers.

Managed Firewalls– Through e-commerce hosting, company enterprise-grade firewalls, fully manage their configuration and examine performance to increase security for PCI DSS compliant e-commerce solution.

Superfast Network– It's fast fiber network was designed to deliver excellent performance to support immersive e-commerce experiences. Now almost every hosting provider offer fast performance and reach customers demand and expectations rapidly.

Secure Web Application Firewall– Fully managed security as a service WAF, designed upon alert logic technologies, provides sharp and proactive security.

Benefits of E-commerce Web Hosting

Best E-commerce Web Hosting Provider

Best E-commerce Web Hosting Provider offers website hosting packages. These packages are the leading solution for all e-commerce internet needs. They offer various features with their “basic” packages, such as – mailing lists, AllWebCo websites feature, pre-configured CGI scripts, daily statistics, shopping carts and much more.
There is various web hosting company available in the market who are specialized in Business Web Hosting. Their all-inclusive robust Business Plan brings e-commerce website hosting to a whole new level. It is also designed for a small business with web hosting needs which grow over time. These e-commerce web hosting plan can fulfill almost every needs and requirement.

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