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Online Education During Corona Time

Online Education During Corona TimeThe online classes have gained popularity during this Corona time. It was a challenge to organize the education process during the lockdown, especially in India's rural areas.

These areas have much less Internet bandwidth, and people can't afford modern advanced mobile phones.

How is it easy for a parent to give a mobile phone of price above 15,000 INR in the hands of kids. But, options with the parents are very less, as schools are continuously adopting modern advance technology services like Microsoft Teams and Google classroom services. The distance learning is becoming the need of the time.

The technology has made it easier and safer while reducing the workload for the schools. Now educational institutes have started using web resources to simplify teacher-student communication. The software has made the assignment paperless and has ease of file sharing. A student uses software like office documents, sheets, slides, calendars, and google search engines to prepare assignments and then finally email the same to the respective teacher for assessment.

The schools have arranged online classes that students attend using the Android mobile, iPad, laptops, or PCs. The teacher explains the chapters, talk with students, track, and assess each student's studies. Tools help teachers to add comments on student's tasks, thus providing guaranteed quality education.
The students get access to course material anytime and further offer feedback. Thus, the entire learning process has become much productive. The teacher manages course work, and children get the help they need.

Google provides standard software free to school that signed up for G-suite for Education.

Wow! Technology has done so much!

The corona has completely changed the entire classroom arrangement. Now with social distancing, students allowed in a class would be much less, hence less interaction or real-time chats, reduce support, emotional, and personal touch. However, technology is trying to fix it by allowing students to see notifications, pop-up new appointments, and live video streaming of chatters.

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