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Based on chapters or thematic modules, teachers post assignments, pose questions, and class resources. In the class tab of Google Classroom, students can see pending, passed, or evaluated tasks. Both teachers and students can keep ‘tabs' on the status of assignments. Teachers can view the number of students who have completed their homework and receives the notification of comments, student work, co-educational invitations, and schedule for each course. In contrast, students get information for tasks, comments, suggestions, personal notes, unconfirmed work, and grades.

The teacher monitors the student progress and performance in real-time and marks their work. The study material is protected and can be further improved, thus saving a lot of time and energy. Enhancements increase engagements, interest, and understanding of students. The Google classroom allows it to keep the work in its cloud technology, which ensures access from anywhere using any device.

There was time, when parents keep their kids away from mobile, considering its radiation as harmful. But during this Corona time, nobody cares for such thoughts.

Students are enjoying studies in a new way of videos, PDF's notes, and images. The shy student of a class who never asks questions is making contact with the teacher directly through email or by posting a message on the discussion board. Lessons are now not 1-way verbal in teacher's voices, as various media can be attached to help the students.

Assignment calendars have now replaced manual school time-tables. Teachers create a task with a date for a class, and the same gets visible in the class calendar. The class calendar shows tasks assigned by teachers and students, respectively.
The Google classroom provides Quizizz on which teachers can create new tests and prescribe them to students. Now, during this Corona pandemic time, more emphasis is given to distance education. The school or educational institutes using the technology are trying to develop creative and intellectual abilities in the students.

The Internet, with access to smartphones, computers, or tablets, has become the basic need of a student.