There's a plethora of web hosting plans out there – so many that even the popular host comparison sites don't really make the initial choice easy anymore.

While in fact two often overlooked factors are of much more importance than small differences in price, presuming that you are somewhat serious about running a web site.

When it comes to managing web sites, efficiency is of great matter, even for small setups. Like with anything computer-related, it's easy to waste an hour or five on tasks which in principle only require the press of a button.  Although wordpress for example is not difficult to install if you have done it a few times, you will appreciate a 1-click install if available – as a starter for the ease, as an advanced user for the efficiency of it.

Check the number of MySQL databases offered with a web hosting plan you are interested in, and the price to buy additional ones. One day you may need them, and you will hate to be suddenly restricted by “little things” like that.

Second, if your website targets potential clients which could be in need of web hosting as well one day, especially if you are a web designer, an artist or sell domain names, you should from the beginning consider a hosting provider with reseller web hosting plans. Because sooner or later one of your customers may need a web hosting plan too, and this provides not only an opportunity for additional income, but, because you then already know your web host in and out, you will be able to give a good recommendation and great support, i.e. as a web designer you can install your clients web site on web space you are comfortable and have experience with.

A good hosting plan includes disk space, bandwidth, domain name, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MySql databases, unlimited FTP account, latest CPanel, unlimited email accounts, IMAP & SMTP, PHP 4 & 5, CGI & Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSH, SSI & Python, Free Billing System, Free Templates, Instant Backups.

The prices of various hosting plans depend on the amount of disk space, bandwidth and no. of domains. It also depend on the type of hosting you opt for and the type of server you choose like dedicated server cost much more than the vps server or shared hosting server.