has recently announce , Gold Puma is the most recommended company after comparing the dedicated server  and managed (VPS) Virtual private server hosting providers on the basis of the few factors such as reliability, features, customer service ,cost, safety or security, speed of the server, ease of use.
These factors are always consider by the clients when choosing a VPS or dedicated server provider for hiring their services for their websites. If we talk about the Gold Puma, then the company has a good reputation as the speed of their servers are very high and also provide their customers with great support. They offer a powerful, high speed hosting solution, offering you both Windows and Linux operating systems, and all backed by the best service and support in the industry.
They are having a team of experts, so customers never get worried about their setup, as their servers are always up and running fast. The company is offering different packages which vary in features; support, price etc. and users choose the plan as per their requirement and rely for the rest of the things on Gold Puma. The prices at which company offers their fully managed VPS and Dedicated server hosting plans are affordable and cheap. In the case of managed server hosting, Gold Puma resolve all the complex aspects of their clients such as upgrading, patching, installing operating system and maintaining the security and performance and takes the entire responsibility for their server.
Their Dedicated Server and VPS Plans include features such as free rapid setup, best-of-breed routers and servers, bandwidth overage protection ,3 dedicated IPs, 24/7 physical security, FTP access, 24 hrs network monitoring,  24hrs support via telephone, email and web. It also provides user-friendly tools to allow their clients to host multiple traffic-intensive web sites on one server account.