Live Chat Support: Overview

Live chat software can be used for potential customers to support them with their buying decision. It is helpful for current consumers also who require support with a product which they have already bought. Various large websites provide live chat support. These live chat support systems are not only appropriate for big enterprises but for small and medium-sized businesses also started to offer live chat that brings benefits to their websites. Apart from this many e-commerce websites added live chat support to their help desk software that resolves customer issues. Due to this, you will get improved conversion rates.

Best Live Chat Softwares: Let’s check out what these live chat software had to offer.

1. Chatwoo is a new powerful way to reveal true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool-giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site's UX and conversion rates. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible at lightning speed

2. With Zopim you will get some good features with cost-effective plans. It is not new to the live chat world. For newcomers and small businesses, Zopim is the best choice. It is very customizable in terms of choosing a template. It also works next to Magento, Salesforce, WordPress, and other web-based services. Zopim is suitable for this platform as its setup process is easy and quick. Its free version is also available. Zopim performs worthily where analytics are concerned.

3. LiveChat- LiveChat bills you per synchronized user. Therefore, one seat can be used by several agents that are mainly beneficial if your team is working in a shift. LiveChat has five various pricing tiers to choose from. ‘Starter’ is its most affordable package. In its ‘Regular’ or ‘Team’ package you will get more than four themes along with full chat history. Additionally, its ‘Enterprise’ plans for larger teams and ‘Enterprise Plus’ plan offer dedicated account managers.

4. Olark- Olark is a California-based company that offers a variety of template color and design options that integrate efficiently into your corporate design. Their holiday theme is pretty interesting as it comes with a Santa Claus hat and Halloween pumpkin. Olark has put attention grabbers on top of a regular chat box so that not a single visitor passes by without noticing live chat. They offer a free plan which allows up to 20 individual conversations and offer a paid plan.

5. SnapEngage- SnapEngage chat console not only shows where you are in the world but also current weather conditions. Moreover, with SnapEngage you can get some serious business done. For you and your employees, it is very easy to use through their web interface.

6. Userlike- Userlike is Germany-based and provides support for apps among other things. Therefore, you can offer live chat through the iPhone app if required. Besides this, they provide CRM integration also along with a 14-day free trial.

7. LivePerson- It is chatting for enterprise-grade companies and allows gathering important information such as account details, error messages, name, website actions before initializing live chat, and more. LivePerson also offers a variety of CRMs and website-based applications including Zendesk, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. Their analytical details include how long the user was engaged with the agent via long in length, chat, customer satisfaction ratings, and more.

8. PureChat- It is spontaneous and simple for both customer and operator. Their chat box is inconspicuous and customized with agent photos and color schemes. It works as a native app on IOS, Kindle, and Android devices so that you can connect with users from anywhere. PureChat can save and store the live chat transcript in order to identify top performers and discuss new opportunities for lead engagement as well. Their main focus is on live chat only. They integrate with well-known web-based content management, e-commerce services, and social media. For developers, PureChat offers flexibility from their live chat solutions and it works with Zapier that provides 100+ possible uses, extensions, and triggers to create the system work for you. Developers also get deeper customization via JavaScriptAPI.

9. BoldChat- It comes in three types- Pro, Premier, and Enterprise with its own features and functions. Pro and Premier offer the same features such as automatic chat initiation, chat screen, proactive manual, and button customizability. BoldChat is quickly copying and paste and easy to customize. Their Active Assist offers for remote use or screen sharing customer’s computer and co-browsing functionality.

10. Tidio live chat trusted By 300,000+ businesses: Makes a real connection with customers and turns them into happy customers. Instantly. The customer support live chat helps to engage customers in conversations, answer questions and increase sales. Its features include, easy to add to the website, Monitor results and automate chats with AI and know your visitor's location and pages viewed. The chat software works with several CRM, eCommerce, and email marketing platforms. Easy to integrate its tools and widget with Shopify, Messenger, WordPress, and many more.

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