One of the leading web design company of Chicago, Perfect Search Design launched its new website for Basketball Leadership academy. This website has been launch when Dream India Academy is searching for the website where contact information and process payment can be stored and which is available with full registration functionality and this searching has come to an end, when Dream India Academy found Perfect Search Design. Dream India Academy is a holistic program whose main goal is to develop leaders through team building, strategy, execution and leadership. Here, children’s may move to the second level of the program after cleared the test, in which their both athletic and cognitive skills are assessed. Perfect Search has developed a visually pleasing website, which can be used by its users in a very easy and friendly manner.

Thus, it ultimately helps Dream India Academy to achieve its online objective and also helped them with flexible, customizable solutions. The website of Dream India Academy is having features such as headers and URLs, pages having titles containing keywords which provide support to the website’s search engine optimization and online health. The Perfect search website is an ecommerce website where children’s can register themselves for a variety of basketball leadership programs. It is a very responsive website which allows the students or users to register themselves in a safe and secure manner, next make the payment through credit card or debit card and at last got an e-mail, which indicates the confirmation of the enrollment of the student. The website is also having the capability to host video, custom slider on the homepage, social media integration and a blog.