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Maryland Provides Tax Incentive

We all are looking for hiring the services of those companies, who always fulfill their promise and made a 100 percent commitment towards their customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and others. In 2013, Nasscom present you with such promising software company as it is selected by Nasscom only in its annual Emerge League of 10 Award. The name of the company is Sapience Analytics, a productivity based company based at Pune has been recognized as India’s most promising software product companies in 2013.
This company is very useful for the IT-ITES employees as it is a productivity audit product that helps the employees in maintaining the record of their work done for the company. It also serves employees who are working from home i.e. Off campus as well as on campus employees. Sapience also helps other companies in judging the performance of their employees by providing them real-time visibility into the work of their employees, which helps them during appraisals.
The main objective of this company is to develop Smart Work for the Smart Enterprise, thus it encourages companies instead of focusing on time of employees spent in office, and they should focus on efficient and reasonable use of time by the employees, without considering the time and location. It is required as in today’s time teams are globally distributed and 24 hrs working lifestyle prevail.
More than 400 companies had participated in Nasscom emerges event and among which top 10 best software product companies are chosen for being awarded. Sapience has been selected for this award as in just two years; around 40 customers are included which are three of India’s Top 10 IT companies, global MNCs, and many medium size firms.
In the last week of November, 2013 US officials invited many Indian IT companies to invest in their state Maryland, as the state is having 11000 IT units and an overall IT turnover of $20.5 billion. Their send an invitation to the companies so that they can invest in the expanding healthcare, cloud computing and cyber-based units in Maryland State of the United States.
Maryland has set the budget by which 25 percent is set for the minority businesses and 10 per cent for women and thus Indian IT companies can avail this benefit by which they can expand their IT market in the state.
Maryland also provides tax incentive to their investors such as Maryland venture Fund, Structural Adjustment Fund etc.
The future of the US IT market would be driven by cloud computing, which is a huge market.
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