India's large IT companies or software exporters enter into partnership with startups so outsourcing contracts in hottest technology areas such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility and data analytics can be won.
As per the chief technology officer of Wipro, the company wants to tie up with the startups because every task cannot be done by the employees and startups provide you with good and fast speed. A Bangalore based company has done an evaluation on around 80 startups all over the world from last 18 months and sign 30 contracts of technology services to clients and leveraging products and solutions from a few of the startups. Wipro also ties up with other startups such as Splunk, Pingar, Opera, Axeda, Solix and Cloudmunch. HCL Technologies, India's fourth-largest technology firm, tie up with two dozen technology partners, as startups. The midsized technology outsourcing firm Zensar Technologies has identified various plans and startups by which a joint go-to-market strategy can be developed.
As the new technologies such as cloud computing, social media, enterprise mobile applications and data analytics emerge in the market on a regular basis, thus there is a great need to have a partnership with these startups as a company cannot do everything on their own.
Due to this partnership, the scope of the market is expanding especially higher-margin business for these companies, with minimal investment.
There are few organizations who claim to represent the interests of the IT professionals from the Telangana region ,the newly formed Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) and state that techies from the Telangana region have been facing discrimination for a long time.
TITA has done studies on 150 IT projects of the top 50 IT companies and found that the techies who work on these projects, 60 percent of them belong to Seemandhra region, 16% are from Telangana and the rest from other states. These top IT companies include IBM, Infosys, Wipro, HSBC, Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft, Deloitte and Accenture.
It was observed that the promotions and increments of IT professionals get stopped or delayed, just because they belong to the Telangana region.
To reduce this gap, TITA will be conducting mentorship programs so that the skills of Telangana techies can be improved. In this program, training will be provided in new technologies and areas, which will help the techies to rise in their organizations.