In November, 2013 new US law, Immigration bill was passed which decimate Indian IT companies. It is known as HR-15 and if the bill was passed, then it is possible that most of the Indian IT companies are shut down or their strength will be reduced as to make them negligible. It is one of the most anti-India pieces of legislation. There are total 135 members in the India Caucus, and 63 members support the bill and also co-sponsor them with a measure of serious support including Congressman Joseph Crowley of New York, the Democratic co-chair of the India Caucus. In the 435 member House, 187 Congressmen are on board, including three Republicans.
Bill deals with illegal immigration and security issues of border and also includes “killer” provisions on H1-B and L-1 visas. The bill was introduced on October 2, is a replica of the equally harsh Senate bill, passed in the mid of this year. Both bills H1-B and L-1 visas restrict the company not to have more than half of its employees on H1-B or L-1, as the visa fees are more which require on the part of employers or companies to pay much higher wages to their employees and it is necessary that compulsory ads be published so that US workers can be recruited before hiring an H1-B visa holder.
The relief raised by the bills on H1-B visas ranges from 65,000 a year to between 1,15,000 and 1,80,000, as per the need. The company which is using H1-B workers, for them fees of visa could rise to $5,000 on each application if 30-50% of its employees are on H1-B.If the employees is 50-75% on H-1B, then they have to sell out at the price of $10,000 for each visa application. In another situation, i.e. If they are not sufficient, then bills want companies dependency should be reduced on H1-B visas by 2016 down to half of the employees.