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Promote your Business with LinkedIn

Business Promotion on the Internet includes a number of activities like group creation, foster community, participating with other groups and communities, setting up of a business profile with careers and service pages. You can also advertise on LinkedIn. To increase the visibility of profile, keywords can be used.

Company’s Online Brand on LinkedIn

You can create your company’s page, your employee’s profile, information about your potential customers, employees and partner’s profile. This will not only advertise your company on Internet but will also attract new talent to your business. Build relationships with target audiences, which are part of 200 million members and 3 million companies which already being part of LinkedIn.

On your company’s page, you can list a broad range of features. Like other websites, you have a homepage, where on top is an image representing your company’s logo. The image can have byline text which calls for action.

Home Page

Most of the companies do have marketing offices who manage these social profiles to drive traffic to websites.  On company’s profile page background information about company, content, deals, updates, and knowledge can be shared with your potential clients, employees and partners. The company profile can also represent the type of company, size, standard, location.

Employees Page

Company Profile can have employees page, which presents who are working with the company. This helps in extending the valuable network for the company, as employees also do have their network of professionals throughout the industry. This becomes an asset to a company to create links quickly.

Career Page

Company Profile can have a Career page, where jobs can be posted. Employees can promote, share and support these jobs throughout their network, thus advertising and creating awareness for the job. They can be also shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ of their networks.

Products & Services Page

Company’s specific events or promotions can be listed to create cause to action. The page will contain slideable banner at the top. Text and presentation on this page can target viewers of specific different demographic groups. Recommended Company products that are relevant to viewers are listed on this page.

Insights Pages

This page visually represents the growth and vitality of employee base thus representing intellectual capital. This page shows that are most recommended, from where they came to this company, what are their new titles or roles and who have left the company. LinkedIn automatically shows the profiles of employees their skills and expertise.

Encouragement to Businesses with the LinkedIn new Navigation bar

The navigation bar appears on every page which partially fold when scrolling down and reappear when you hover over this location. The top half of the navigation bar is a LinkedIn logo which is linked to the home screen.  The search bar is centrally located in it. Across it, envelope icon is there, which takes to the message section. Next to it, is ‘Notification icon’, hovering over it will show the activities around profile like who has viewed profile or new connections. Next icon is ‘Add connections’,  to add more connections to profile by entering email addresses or import information from Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail accounts. In the last there is an icon showing your miniature picture, clicking on it will open drop-down menu, from which account settings, sign out, review tutorials, and manage job postings, manage company page and adjustment to privacy settings can be done.

In the bottom part of Navigation, there is a menu bar, which contains series of links –

Update bar is being added to add rich media to updates on personal or company pages.

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